Sample 1st Paragraph, MSc Endodontics, Saudi Dentist

A young dentist from Saudi Arabia I could not be more enthused about and engaged with Endodontics. The MSc Program in Endodontics at the University of XXXX is my first choice for advanced study in my field. In my spare time, I do pleasure reading in the history of dentistry generally speaking and about our comparatively new specialty of Endodontics in particular. Thus, I am drawn to the long and distinguished history of your program as an established world leader in Endodontics education. I also appreciate the way that your especially rigorous curriculum not only meets, but in fact far exceeds requirements for a Master’s Program leading to certification in Endodontics.

Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs for Residency Position in Periodontology, Iranian

Several years ago, I made a firm decision to give my life to the study of periodontal diseases because I seek to take on the enemy in the most fundamental and sustainable way possible, fighting tooth decay at its base, the supporting bone structure. As a result of my profound passion to succeed professionally in research as well as practice, for the past 3 years, I have worked in the laboratory of Dr. XXXX at Western University, categorizing the molecular events that predict the biological behavior of head and neck tumor development and progression. At the same time, I have also learned a great deal about the challenges facing oral health education by serving as Vice President of our DMD Class of 2015.

I am a young Armenian-Persian woman from Iran who seeks to devote her life to research and development in Periodontology. I came to America 7 years ago and I am now a US citizen with a US education. I will be finishing my DDM Degree from Western University of Health Sciences next year, 2015, and I hope to begin a residency position as soon as possible. My graduate level studies are complemented by my undergraduate studies at UXXXX in Biomedical Engineering. Still only 28 years old, I am full of energy and passion and ready to give my all working long hours in order to excel in your program and prove myself to be an asset to our common advancement on the cutting edge of practice and research in Periodontology.

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Sample General Dentistry Residency Personal Statement, Applicant from Yemen

My native land Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world, with their oral health processes extremely underdeveloped. One of the highlights of my life was being able to participate in a dental mission trip to Yemen this past December, which helped me to better understand the desperate proportions of my country’s oral health care challenges, particularly in the context of civil war. I have always wanted to be able to give back to underserved communities and for me they are close to home. I grew up with the belief that every single person has the ability to make a difference in the world and I am elated at how dentistry has become such a global profession characterized by a great deal of human solidarity. This will enable me to make valuable contributions based on my diverse experiences nationally and internationally.

As an undergraduate student I was anxious to begin and took full advantage of every opportunity to engage in research, working closely with my Chemistry Professor for two years and helping to publish a paper in the Dalton Journal – exploring the feasibility of using saliva as a non-invasive biomarker for environmental toxicants. In the summer of 2016, I was accepted into a research program at the University of XXXX, working on the role of TLR2-/TLR4- genes to bone resorption in mice. In preparation for becoming a well-rounded clinician, I applied to and was accepted into the XXXX Foundation as a Health Policy Scholar. I am really passionate about conducting research pertaining to preventative dental interventions that can avert oral diseases. I believe that your residency program will enable me to form a most successful union of my clinical, didactic and research imperatives.

As an undergraduate student, I was able to give back to the community participating in oral health screenings and education, at Head Start Programs at various elementary schools, Health Fairs, a refugee and immigrant ESL program, vendor fairs and the XXXX Health Clinic. I was a volunteer with Remote Medical Area (RAM), which is a mobile medical clinic that hosted many events at different rural locations in the state of Tennessee to those who cannot afford a visit to the doctor. In those events we saw as many as 1000 patients who received extractions, fillings and cleanings.  Meharry’s strong focus on serving underserved communities has helped me cultivate a life-long desire to assist those in need.

My experiences in and out of the United States have alerted me to global issues and the role of the UN, particularly with respect to hunger-related deaths and lack of access to oral healthcare. I also recognize there are locations in the US that are also characterized by a lack of access to adequate oral health care.  I look forward to completing your Residency Program so as to better prepare myself for my ultimate career contributions to the underserved that lie ahead.  I look forward to a long professional lifetime of research into issues in preventative oral health interventions for many oral diseases. If accepted to your competitive residency program, I look forward to bringing fresh experience from mission trips to the underserved in one of the world’s least accessible places.

I will be a first-generation graduate student and I vow to uphold the profession in the highest regard by continuing to work hard, being ethical and providing care for those in need in the US and abroad.  My passion is to develop and provide specific treatment for underserved populations.  I humbly recognize that existing gaps in oral healthcare exist domestic and abroad that make underserved populations the rule rather than the exception.  My hope is to create the reverse; underserved dental patients will become the exception rather than the rule – within my lifetime.  I am confident your program will serve as the optimal springboard upon which I will be able to fulfill my dreams and finish my journey.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for the DDS, International Dentist, Iranian Raised in Sweden

I am a young Iranian woman who grew up in Sweden. I became a dentist in Poland and I have practiced dentistry as well. My life circumstances have resulted in my becoming a very international person and a dentist. After spending my first 3 years in Iran, I would spend the next 22 in Sweden and then 6 years in Poland. I have also spend long periods from weeks to months in the UK, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, and the United States. My English is almost as good as my Swedish and my Farsi and I keenly look forward to contributing my all to the celebration of diversity in your distinguished program. I am very close to my brother is now working for an American company in New York. Most of all, however, my finance is a medical doctor who will soon apply for residency positions in the USA; he also has family there. We have decided, therefore, to build our home and raise our family in the United States and I keenly look forward to being admitted to your program so that I can continue practicing dentistry in America.

First Middle East Symposium on Dental Medicine.

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