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Residency Implant Prosthodontics, Central Asian

I hope to be remembered after completing your distinguished Fellowship Program in Implant Prosthodontics at the XXXX University School of Dentistry (XXUSD) as the dentist from the former USSR who thinks of Implant Dentistry in global terms. I could not be more excited about my application to your program because as a dentist who has practiced for decades, I see the rise of Implant Dentistry as one of the most important advancement in oral health rehabilitation. I am already had some informal training in the past and receiving excellent basic training in this area here in my DMD Program at XXXX which I will be completing before entry into your program at XXUSD – this will help me to excel. XXUSD is my first choice for a variety of reasons in addition to its location. I appreciate the interdisciplinary nature and academic excellence of your program in addition to the state-of-the-art care provided to patients.

I am a practicing dentistry professional originally from Moldova who has immigrated permanently to America. I want to thank you for considering the application of an older, non-traditional student for acceptance into your program. I ask for special consideration on the basis of the fact that I have extensive understanding of the challenges confronting the advancement of dentistry on a global level, especially in Asia and I am confident that this will enable me to make valuable contributions to discussions about challenges in our field, Implant Prosthodontics, in different areas of the world.

I want very much to be the old man in the class, which I think is healthy for academic diversity, and I feel strongly that the presence of an older, non-traditional student with vast experience in a critical part of the world is good for the academic community. Furthermore, I plan to work as hard as my body allows for another 2 to 3 decades. On the basis of the world-class education that I hope to receive by completing your world class program in Implant Prosthodontics, I am most confident that I will have much to contribute to our profession over the long term. I feel strongly that my unique life experiences will propel me forward to major contributions to dentistry that I am still destined to fulfill.

I was born in Russia’s Siberia and have visited and lived in numerous countries, always exercising my profession as a dentist in one way or the other: participating in scientific conferences, observerships, hands-on seminars and trade shows. The list of countries in which I have engaged on some professional level include Germany, the Czech Republic, Israel, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine. I have studied German and Hebrew; English is my second language after Russian. I learned German because I wanted to communicate with my colleagues in Germany.

Working as a general dentist, providing patients, especially elderly ones, with removable appliances, restoring edentulous or partially edentulous arches, I have always striven for perfection. The first time that I heard about implants, I was overjoyed. I immediately saw the potential for my patients and the way that this creative technology would help me to solve difficult clinical challenges; so I was anxious to perform implants myself.

My family and I immigrated to the USA several years ago and in 2015 I began my DMD studies at XXXX School of Dental Medicine. Even though implant dentistry is incorporated into our program here at Rutgers, I feel like I need additional training in order to be completely confident in providing my patients with the finest treatment option and perhaps teaching in this area in the future. Most of all, I want to make sure that I provide all my own patients with absolutely state-of-the-art implants.

I am most keenly looking forward to intensive clinical training in both fixed and removable Implant Prosthodontics, combined with the fullest possible immersion in the literature concerning Dental Implantology – preparing me for research engagement in this area. The experience of completing your program will result in new, especially creative energy that I will to devote to the cause of dental missions to the Developing World, in my case, Central Asia in particular – as well as here in the USA. I would like to begin or become part of a multidisciplinary dental institute, perhaps a "Head and Neck Center" where together with other colleagues and specialists we could not only implement the most recent and advanced technology available in the rehabilitation of the health status of our patients, but this would also be an excellent platform for valuable research in new and advanced treatment methods.

I ask to be considered for admission on the basis of my well-established passion for dentistry. Dentistry is my life and I have now devoted 25 years to it, a lot of postdoctoral education, abundant experience. Your program will bring my international education to fruition in America where I can now blossom as a dentist like never before.

I thank you for considering my application.

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