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DDS International, Indian, Prosthodontics

A dentist trained in my native India, I am now seeking advanced training in the USA. My inspiration for earning the DDS Degree in America was very much enhanced by the opportunity that I had to meet numerous, especially distinguished dentists from America. While a dental student in India, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry taught a course in my dental school, and I had the great honor of listening to speakers from a variety of prestigious dental programs in the USA, including Loma Linda and Rutgers. Thus, while still a student, I became hungry to learn dentistry on the cutting edge with the latest techniques and especially minimally invasive procedures. I hope to devote much of my professional life to research; in addition to preparing me for state-of-the-art practice, your research-intensive DDS program will also prepare me to excel as a researcher.

Biology was my starting point, and I excelled: dissecting frogs and drawing plants and animals in secondary school are among my fondest memories of the time when I began to hope and dream that I would become a either a doctor or a dentist. I ultimately chose dentistry because I love its challenge, intricacy, and especially critical importance.

I now have almost seven years of experience in Malaysia as a full-time faculty member and also practicing dentistry at a private clinic. I have been teaching as an Assistant Professor since June of 2013. I am currently a Senior Lecturer in Prosthodontics.

By the time I completed dental school in my native India, I had already decided to cultivate a particular lifetime focus in the area of Prosthodontics. Initially, I focused on this area of dentistry because, in the part of Malaysia where I am from, the Mahabubnagar and adjacent Nalgonda districts, the water has a very high fluoride content resulting in several critical oral health issues. Almost all older adults have at least some missing teeth. I wanted to make these older people smile. After finishing my Master’s Degree in Prosthodontics, I worked as a consultant to many local clinics, charging only for materials, providing me with enormous satisfaction through the high volume as well as high quality of the service that I was providing for those most in need. I feel incredibly blessed to help older people, to see them chew their food without difficulty, and to smile.

Recently, I spent several months in the USA shadowing and assisting my cousin, an endodontist, in his clinic in Maryland. I very much admired his streamlined operation, intense work ethic, and his facility at communicating with patients, his skill at putting them at ease and inspiring them with confidence. I immediately fell in love with the vast diversity of complicated cases that my cousin dealt with. He is a role model for many members of his community and me. At this same time, I had the opportunity to visit XXXX hospital, which was not far away, where I could make some valuable contacts in the maxillofacial prosthesis.

Helping patients with maxillofacial defects stands at the center of my professional dreams. After earning the DDS Degree, I hope to continue my professional advancement at Johns Hopkins in Maxillofacial Prosthetics. I am incredibly excited by developments in 3D printing for maxillofacial defects, CBCT, and the use of computer technology, generally speaking. I see enormous opportunity in the area of Digital Smile Design. I especially loved art as a child and adolescent, always drawing and using clay to model items that interested me. This is another principal reason why I chose dentistry and gravitated toward Prosthodontics. I enjoy fine detail enormously.

My parents greatly valued education and discipline, so I was able to attend some of the best schools in India. I participated in many district competitions, especially sports and drawing, because I was the best in my school in both.  Every once in a while, I visited a private dental hospital in my area to watch the dentists; this helped me learn a lot about this career and inspired me to give my all to dentistry.

Perhaps the most vital aspects of my application to your competitive DDS program are the facts that I have already earned the Master’s Degree in Prosthodontics and now have nine publications in this area. Earning the DDS will propel me forward to a lifetime of distinguished service in Prosthodontics research and development with particular attention to the underserved, older people in desperate need of care for some of the most basic of life’s necessities, chewing their food, and smiling.

I thank you for consideration of my application.

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