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International Dentist, Maxillofacial Surgery, Algerian

When an intelligent mind and innovative hands are combined, they can lead to success and beauty. I experienced a glimpse of this ecstasy when I played my first rhythm on a flute as a child, but I only discovered its life-changing power after I carved my first tooth in a wax block. I was only ten, and a restless child accompanying my grandmother to her dental appointment. My grandmother got to take home a new pair of dentures, and for me, I found my central dream for the future. I have always excelled at dentistry because of my diligence, persistence, and advanced hand skills - coupled with my many years of experience, I am ready to hit the ground running and distinguish myself in your program. I have a strong track record as a volunteer, especially in caring for the oral health needs of orphan children.

When I started dental school, I felt that I had finally discovered a way to combine my creativity and keen intellect in a manner that could genuinely benefit humanity.  The dental school gave me the confidence to balance my dedication to academic excellence with my extracurricular commitments. I spent my spare time volunteering with several organizations, fundraising, and mentoring children at an orphanage. Investing my time in these worthwhile causes further enhanced the empathy and compassion I felt for my patients, and it motivated me to form an everlasting bond based on trust. I spent my summer breaks shadowing several local dentists to build upon my clinical skills and learn the basics of practice management. I also acquired new and essential skill sets, like establishing IV lines, suturing, and first aid, through a summer externship program at a hospital.

All these experiences prepared me to thrive in the high-pressure environment of my first job, in the dental clinic of a hospital. The challenges of working on medically compromised and special needs patients often require comprehensive knowledge and versatile treatment methodologies. I gained self-confidence working there; as the time passed, the patients learned just how much I cared about their health and wellbeing . The next set of unique populations I worked with was at a community dental clinic, where I was constrained by limited resources, and faced with high patient flow. There, I worked with many cases involving minor maxillofacial surgery.  I could refine myself and provide more treatment options to my patients. After three years of intensive clinical experience, I had acquired enough faith in my patient management skills and leadership abilities to make the life-changing decision to start my own practice.

In 2006 when my clinic opened, I vowed to be more than just a dentist alleviating pain. Instead, I would be a pillar of my community, and the future of my profession. Hence, I started out by acquiring the first digital radiology in my town and constantly attended conferences and CDEs to stay abreast of the latest developments. The doors of my clinics were open seven days a week until midnight to not only serve the middle classes, but also the underserved, including the children at the orphanage where I volunteered. As much as my clinic helped others, it also helped me to evolve into a team player, an entrepreneur, and a goal-oriented person. Even though I moved to the USA in 2009, my clinic still provides me a sanctuary for three months every year, when I visit Algeria. It has been a critical way to continuously hone my clinical skills, and a constant reminder of how much I have learned, and how much more that I have yet to accomplish.

Life in the USA has required me to tap once again into my resilience and resourcefulness; my first focus was my language skills; while I was already fluent in Arabic, Berber, and French, the transition to English was huge. I enrolled in several courses at KU. Of course, learning the local culture and customs required me to venture beyond the confines of the classroom; hence, I spent two years volunteering at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Since then, I have proceeded to work as an assistant in various locations, such as a Douglas County Dental Clinic, KC CARE clinic, and dental camps like Give Kids a Smile and KMOM. Working successfully under the guidance of so many different dentists has reassured me that I can work comfortably in the future with my faculty and peers, regardless of their backgrounds. My shadowing at UMKC Dental School, has been indispensable for acquainting me with the academic and clinical expectations for a DDS student. I am very excited about studying under the finest minds in our profession.

I hope to be accepted to your competitive DDS program for international dentists based on my hopes, dreams, and aspirations for a future of service to my profession, with particular emphasis on those who can least afford our help, as well as those who need it the most. After completing your program, I look forward to a lifetime working alongside like-minded people who are equally determined to help those with few resources in Algeria - providing them with a place where they might find dental care that they can afford. 

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