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To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX BDS, MDS, FDSRCS, DDS.; and I am an oral surgeon. I have worked with Dr. XXXX for the past year, twice a month. I serve at the clinic where he is the general manager and provide a variety of oral surgery procedures, including implant placements, frenectomy, impacted third molar extractions, and impacted canine exposure for orthodontic treatment. XXXX is a great pleasure to work with because of his very high level of efficiency since he has oversight of the clinic, including all comprehensive examinations and dental treatments. I was very much favorably impressed with Dr. XXXX’s organizational and communication abilities as he assumed a leadership position in the organization and coordination of multiple specialists so as to provide the best dental care to the patients.

I assisted Dr. XXXX with consultations concerning certain especially challenging oral surgery cases. Dr. XXXX is always very careful arrive and the correct prognoses concerning dental treatments and comprehensive treatment planning and he is very careful to always think the consultation of his colleagues for difficult cases.  He observes and assists me while we were working together. I do not remember a single case that Dr. XXXX had not diagnosed more-or-less correctly and was always pleased to see how he had the patient and everything else reading and waiting for me when I arrived. We sit down together to compare notes and strategies prior to each surgery so as to come up with a realistic if not ideal treatment plan for each patient.

Dr. XXXX is the quintessential team player and teamwork seems to come most natural to him. While his interests in dentistry are broad, he seems to be most interested in Periodontics and that is his central focus. I could not recommend Dr. XXXX more highly for your Residency Program in Periodontics.



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