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My foremost hero as a child was my orthodontist. I especially appreciated him because he was the fifth orthodontist that we went to and the only one of the five who was willing to help me at a price that my parents could afford. As a result of my Orthodontics treatment, my self-esteem improved. After spending seven years with him as my orthodontist, I began to feel like he was a part of my family. This unique relationship is one of the foremost reasons why I hope to become an orthodontist myself, showing a similar kind of compassion for my patients from families of humble resources in particular. In preparation for dental school, I majored in Biology and will be graduating at the end of this fall semester, 2016. I hope to begin dental school next year, 2017.

Throughout the course of this past year, I have spent 400 hours shadowing Dr. XXXX DDS and learning a great deal about how to operate a General Dentistry practice; almost every facet of running a dental clinic, from cleaning and caring for the equipment to helping out with office details and paperwork. Most of all, I help to prepare the patients for their treatments, and this part of my time spent with Dr. XXXX, in particular, has me thoroughly convinced and inspired that dentistry is the correct path for me to follow professionally.

Being teased by one’s peers at a young age can be an extremely difficult for any child. My teeth protruded dramatically due to my bad habit of sucking my thumb. It was a vicious cycle: hurt by the teasing, I tried to comfort myself by sucking my thumb. My orthodontic treatment was instrumental in giving me a life replete with the professional dream of becoming an orthodontist myself and saving the lives of children who suffer, as I did. I hope to have my own orthodontics clinic someday; and to help children whose parents have only very modest resources, as was the case with my family.

My adolescent and adult life so far has been entirely devoted to learning, especially everything that I can about the human body, since learning and adapting is especially critical in the our field with dentists endlessly confronted with new advances and innovations requiring them to keep up with the latest procedures and technologies. As an undergraduate research assistant working in a cancer research lab, I continuously perform experiments in search of new breakthroughs. The excitement and eagerness surrounding the search for new knowledge and discoveries is something that I find extraordinarily fulfilling, and it inspires me all the more to excel in a career in dentistry.

As an instrumentalist of the hammered dulcimer, a percussion and string instrument, I have developed precise hand-eye coordination as a musical artist. My experiences with shadowing dentists and volunteering at dental clinics have helped me to appreciate better the importance of steady hands and a keen eye. In the cancer research lab, my tasks include snipping mice tails at precise measurements while refraining from being distracted by their squealing and squirming and using pipettes to proliferate DNA samples for analysis accurately. My hands-on experience in the lab, as well as with music, will help me to excel in dental school and beyond.

My own experience as an immigrant from Iran has helped me to master the art of interaction with people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds here in America. During my time as a mentor at XXXX Community College, I had the profound pleasure of mentoring many students of minority ethnic backgrounds, one of which had a severe cognitive disability, requiring compassionate and patient communication. I have also volunteered many hours in XXXX Hospital’s Recovery Room. Observing the professionalism and friendliness of the doctors and nurses, especially in their interactions with patients, has also greatly inspired me to give my all to dentistry.

My dedication to the community and passion for providing services to others makes me a natural for dentistry and I eagerly anticipate working with a wide range of patients, including underserved populations, helping them to feel just as I did when my orthodontist gave me a beautiful smile for the first time. Being accepted to dental school will enable me to live my professional dream of a lifetime, building one cherished relationship after another.

I thank you for consideration of my application.

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