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Sample Personal Statement for Pediatric Endodontics Residency, Dentist from Cuba

Born and raised in Havana, I came to the USA to build a new permanent home along with my parents - both medical doctors - at the age of twenty-two, in 1977, shortly after finishing dental school in Cuba. I attended Oklahoma University where I was the recipient of an award for academic excellence and went on to earn my DDS Degree from New York University in 2004. I love traveling and the arts, especially ballet. Conservative, thoughtful, and caring, I try to never lose sight of the big picture as I attend to the most minute details at hand. As a practicing dentist who is widely read in my field, increasingly, I have gravitated towards Endodontics in both my practice and my personal professional advancement.

I operated my own private practice in New York after completing dental school there and then moved my practice to its current location on the outskirts of Houston, Texas, in 2010. Increasingly, I find special joy in Preventive Oral Health measures; and I rejoice at being able to save rather than extract a tooth. In my spare time, I find myself spending countless hours reading about things like alternative treatments for the regeneration of pulp and new medications for the treatment of Periapical infections. Now, I am reading everything that I can find on a new drug for Alzheimer’s that is suspected of having the capacity to regenerate teeth, TIDEGLUSIB. Increasingly, I want to become an Endodontist.

With more than a decade of practicing dentistry, I have had my share of failures as well as successes with endodontic treatments. Yet, the success that I have been experiencing is more powerful than failure and I could not be more inspired by the progress that I see because of my own hands at work in my practice. For some time now I have been busy with family and have resisted the temptation to return to full-time study to cultivate a specialization in dentistry and I could not feel more strongly that now is the time to make this special effort to prepare myself for my maximum contribution to my field.

I have a special interest in Pediatric Endodontics; and much of my inspiration for this area of dentistry comes from my extensive experience as a volunteer dentist in Mexico and Cuba on medical/dental mission trips. Here in Texas, I have also distinguished myself as a volunteer organizer and promoter of oral health, visiting schools, churches, etc., giving presentations and getting the community involved.

I am especially pleased to be an oral health professional in an age of such great solidarity in the dentistry profession, I love to travel and the experience of going on missions is central to my identity. I have tried to engage with dentistry on some level in all the places that I have visited if only to observe and take notes of what I saw. In addition to spending my first 22 years in Cuba, I have also spent significant amounts of time in Europe, the UK, and Croatia, as well as South America and the Caribbean. Mexico, which are the places I have gotten to know quite well since my husband’s family lives there. I stay abreast of the great challenges that Mexico faces, along with most of Latin America, particularly in terms of providing oral health care to the rural poor. I can communicate with patients in French and Portuguese as well as in my native Spanish and I look forward to continuing to cultivate all of three of my romance languages as a missionary dentist with several decades of travel to where the need is great still ahead of me. Thank you for considering my application.

Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs Personal Statement for Endodontics Advanced Education Program

A practicing dentist in Egypt, I give at least one-tenth of my time to attending to the oral health care needs of the indigent. Increasingly I cannot resist the temptation to help in the face of such great need. Increasingly, Egypt is filling up with refugees from Syria who are in desperate need of the most basic care, especially oral surgery. I hope to be chosen for one of the limited numbers of spaces in your competitive Endodontics program to receive an unparalleled education in oral surgery. In this way, I will be fully prepared to not only advance the cause of Endodontics research and practice in Egypt, but I will also be able to do my utmost on behalf of the underserved who find themselves in increasingly desperate need, not only in Egypt but throughout most of the Middle East.

The greatest possible contribution to society would be to open dental community clinics in the United States and Egypt. In high school, I would wake up every night due to throbbing pain until I eventually went to see a dentist and although I could afford the dental he provided me, I wanted to reciprocate the services he provided me to people in need and treat the underserved. I want to use a GPR program to further my education and learn the American way of dentistry.

Endodontics Advanced Specialty Program

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