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Disadvantaged Student Status

Providing a "free ride" through dental school all-expenses paid is done for the sake of justice with respect to access to dental education. Those applicants who have had the odds stacked against them economically and educationally through simple lack of opportunity, those who have gotten this far against those difficult odds, these are the applicants who are awarded the disadvantaged status. Education to the DDS Degree all expenses paid is a great privilege; thus, there are many applicants, less than half of which are accepted due to limited funds and space. A highly articulate disadvantaged status essay is of vital importance to your chances of getting this award. I would be happy to review your information free of charge when you fill out my interview form.

The American Dental Education Association allows you to apply to dental school as a disadvantaged student. In addition to answering a series of questions from a pull-down menu, you are also allowed to submit a special essay that builds a case for your disadvantaged status. For many students from backgrounds with limited family resources, providing this information is an extremely smart thing to do, as it might reduce the expenses that you will face in dental school.

Many dental schools appreciate the fact that some applicants have overcome obstacles on the path to their goals. You are welcome to provide any information and describe any background experiences that may have put you at an educational, social, or economic disadvantage as you prepare to apply to dental schools. Many dental schools seek to identify applicants who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. If you identify yourself as disadvantaged, you will need to provide any additional information about your background that can help clarify your disadvantaged student status (4,500 characters).

You are also asked to provide a brief description of your childhood residence (250 characters).

It would be an honor for me to assist you with making these two essays as eloquent and effective as possible. This might well prove to be a very smart investment on your part. It would also be wise if you would decide to use my service for your Personal Statement, to also let me help with the Disadvantaged Student Essay since the two documents should have similar writing styles.

All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.


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Disadvantaged Student Status Essay, Professional Writing and Editing Service

I have been helping applicants to Dental School with their Disadvantaged Status essays for well over a decade. Some of them have written to thank me again after they were selected to let me know how much they appreciated my help by articulating their story and circumstances in an eloquent fashion that aptly highlighted the great obstacles that they had to overcome to get where they are today.

Helping applicants who are originally from all over the world, in many cases growing up on two continents, always to families of very humble resources, immigration, and language challenges, and personal and family tragedy, has caused me to reflect on the way in which there are many reasons why an applicant can qualify and be awarded disadvantaged status.

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