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Letter of Recommendation, Indian Periodontologist

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX and I am the Department Head in Periodontology at the Government Dental College and Hospital in Vijayawada, India. I mentoredXXXX in the area of Periodontics from his third year forward in dental school until his graduation in 2013.  It is with immense happiness that I recommend Hemanth as a candidate for your competitive DDS program for international dentists and I do so with the fullest confidence that he will impress you most favorably as one of the most outstanding students in his class.

XXXX is the kind of student that a teacher never forgets, always consistently performing at the top academically as well as showing the greatest talent and ease with patients, resulting in the most successful of treatments. He has great enthusiasm and courage to go that extra mile over and beyond a typical student performance. For instance, while most of the BDS students I’ve seen in my department restrict themselves to the completion of assigned work, XXXX took that extra leap of faith and performed advanced periodontal surgeries that are generally reserved for Master’s students in Dental Surgery. In addition, he always demonstrated that he was up to date concerning all the latest advances and techniques in dentistry, especially Periodontics.

XXXX clearly attended to every detail of lectures and asked questions that were without fail of the highest order so as to clarify and build on a point that he thought had great potential.  On examinations, he framed his answers in such a way as to clearly demonstrate his mastery not only of the fundamentals but also of the advanced concepts that were relevant to the subject at hand. He was especially impressive at the stage of oral examination – with his prompt and concise responses.

With respect to XXXX’s clinical skills, it is a pleasure to observe his natural and free hand at work, quick, efficient, accurate. I have also never seen anyone with more apparently natural talent in dealing with patients, inspiring, comforting, and thereby making the treatment a great success. XXXX is very ethical and highly motivated to educate and serve the community, especially with respect to oral hygiene and he demonstrated his dedication as a volunteer at numerous dental camps organized to promote the oral health of our rural populations.

XXXXh has clearly demonstrated that he is capable of meeting any goal that he sets for himself since he does not rest and never gives up until he meets it. The training he will receive at your program will help him reach new heights and enable him to pursue his dreams to the fullest extent possible. It would be a pleasure to provide you with any additional information concerning this exceptional candidate to your program.


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