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Prosthodontics Residency Kuwaiti Dentist

I hope to make my top professional mark in the area of Prosthodontics after completing my advanced training in this area here in America, returning to my country of origin, Kuwait, to teach Prosthodontics. I hope very much to be accepted into your cutting-edge residency program in Prosthodontics here in the USA to receive the finest training, experience, and certification possible; and subsequently be able to make my most entire contribution to the advancement of our profession in the Middle East, especially Kuwait.

I anticipate being able to begin serving as a University Professor teaching General Dentistry classes at first, at the same time that I also teach Prosthodontics, and then gradually develop an exclusive focus on Prosthodontics as my career advances in Kuwait, especially in terms of research and. In other words, I want to be much more than a practitioner of Prosthodontics in Kuwait – where the field is still in its infancy – but also serve as an advocate for the advancement of our specialty in my country to the extent to which it is possible to do so.

By my first year of dental school, I knew that I wanted to develop a lifelong engagement with Prosthodontics, my chosen specialty in dentistry. I completed dental school at Cairo University in 2006 and then began practicing dentistry and continued to practice up until I came to America to complete a Residency Program in General Dentistry at Temple University, for which I was awarded an ICOI Fellowship. I finished the 1-year Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency at Temple University in 2016.

During my residency program at Temple, I worked under the supervision of incredible Prosthodontic faculty;  and I learned a great deal in particular from Drs. XXXX, XXXX and XXXX. I was exposed to many advanced and complex cases in Prosthodontics even though there is no specific Prosthodontics program at Temple University. I have also been extensively immersed in Implantology at Temple with courses in Comprehensive Surgical Implants, Immediate Loading Esthetics, Peri-Implantitis, MGS, Diagnosis and Treatment planning of Oral Implantology, etc. Already familiar with many procedures in Prosthodontics, I feel that I will be able to hit the ground running in your program and that I have a lot to give, making important contributions through high energy and a lot of hard work and dedication.

My long-term professional dream in dentistry has been to become a Prosthodontist for years now. I see my preparation in my AEGD residency program as preparation for excellence in my Prosthodontics residency. During my AEGD Program, I especially enjoyed doing lab work and pros cases, which I see as an art form. Nothing excites me more because of my particular passion for working with materials. I spend a lot of my free time reading in the area of material science as it relates to Prosthodontics, and I live for restoration and implant prosthetics. I adore staying up late at night in the lab doing everything with my own hands.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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