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Orthodontics Saudi Arabia Sample

These days, I feel especially proud to be a Saudi Arabian woman since we are earning freedoms that we never had before, driving cars currently being the most prominent achievement. But I am also part of a more general wave of freedom and opportunity that Saudi women have now been gaining for the past several decades. In my case, I look forward to taking full advantage of the new opportunities opening up for the advancement of Saudi women by becoming a leader in my field: Orthodontics. I look forward to becoming one of only a handful of women with advanced training abroad in this area in my country, and going on to distinguish myself as a teacher, researcher and leader, as well as a practitioner in Orthodontics. Thus, I hope to be accepted to your Residency Program leading to the Master’s Degree in Orthodontics.

I also do not see my professional interests as limited to Saudi Arabia, since I hope to learn a great deal in the United States and acquire invaluable training and experience that will help me to excel both at home and abroad, and to make contributions to the advancement of Orthodontics throughout the Middle East and the Arab World. Plagued by endless political violence, our part of the world depends on international solidarity, in dentistry as in other areas, perhaps especially medicine and dentistry, given the desperate needs of large sectors of the population living in poverty and ill health, many as refugees.

My great passion for orthodontics is also grounded in my own successful orthodontic treatment during my formative years. I know first-hand what a profound difference orthodontic treatment can make. I find nothing more engaging, for example, than studying ways that facial proportions are related to the beautiful smile, balance and proportion. Primarily for this personal reason, by the time I started dental school, I already had a keen desire to specialize someday in Orthodontics. I performed exceptionally well as a dental student, consistently at the top of my class, receiving recognition for excellence and graduating from King Saud University ranked first in my class. Following my graduation, I earned the highest score on record at that time for a first-time taker of the Saudi Dental Licensing Exam.

Reviewing and discussing articles with my professors and colleagues in Orthodontics, case scenarios and treatment options, were some of the greatest highlights of my years in dental school. I have always had an inquisitive nature and I pride myself for being an analytical thinker. The orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning process felt a lot like putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together. Figuring out the mechanics of teeth movements and space calculations and management, I found all of it extremely engaging. During my internship year, in addition to working as a general practitioner, I took clinical attachment with some of the faculty in the Orthodontics Department, where I gained extensive exposure to a broad variety of orthodontic cases and learned a great deal about several orthodontic treatment options and techniques. I also got to preform minor orthodontic procedures such as record taking, brackets bonding, arch wire placement and tie in, and elastic modulus and power chain placement. Additionally, I took four months oral surgery rotation in KSU’s Oral and Maxillofacial Department where I participated in major and minor surgical procedures under both general and local anesthesia. I attended many seminars, meetings and case discussions especially concerning orthognathic and cleft lip and palate case management.

My internship research focused on the antibacterial activity of calcium silicate and epoxy, resin-based, endodontic sealers and their relationship to Enterococcus Faecalis biofilms, using a confocal laser microscope analysis, seeking to test the antimicrobial activity of different sealers; this article is currently in the process of publication. I previously co-authored an article published by the Australian Medical Journal, entitled: “Assessing the knowledge and attitude of a group of mothers living in Saudi Arabia with regards to their children’s oral health: A cross sectional study”, and was fortunate enough to get to present the poster at one of the most important national conferences in Saudi Arabia. Currently, my primary research interests lie in dentofacial orthopedics and growth modification.

After completing a residency program in Orthodontics, I ultimately see my highest calling in the classroom, teaching Orthodontics in Saudi Arabia. Of course, however, seeking to always lead by example, I intend to always practice as well, thriving on the conquest of one challenge after another in the advancement of Orthodontics Education in the KSA. I hope to move into a leadership role in one of Riyadh’s many dental colleges so as to serve on the cutting edge and inspire constant progress in Orthodontics across new generations of Saudi Arabian Orthodontics professionals.

I thank you for consideration of my application.   

Clinical Residency in Orthodontics - د.ميساء من السودان

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I help orthodontists and students of Orthodontics from all over the world to be selected for admission to advanced education programs.

I salute the Developing-world corrective surgery charities that send volunteer surgeons overseas and/or fund local surgeons to correct conditions such as Cleft lip/palate and other correctable conditions that can cause speech problems, eating problems, and social ostracization. I ask visitors to this page of my web site to consider serving as part of dental missions in the future to the Developing World where this type of surgery is generally not available.

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The Humanitarian Side of Orthodontics

Due to the prolonged nature of orthodontics work, it´s difficult to go on a short mission and provide the same type of service you are able to at home. However, longer, local missions work really well.

A great example of a local mission devotee is Albert H. Ketcham (1870-1935), one of the first to introduce the roentgenogram and photography into orthodontic practice. He was a great humanitarian and, as early as 1910, established an orthodontic clinic at the Children's Hospital in Denver.

Teaching is something you could do to make a lasting impact on a foreign community. Global Dental Relief is an organization that focuses on education. You don´t have to be a licensed dentist to get involved. Here is their website. Other teaching trips can be arranged through VSO.

The World Federation of Orthodontists website is also a great organization to explore and make contacts aboard through the different societies they are affiliated with around the world.

The Pre-Dental Society, San Diego

The University of California in San Diego runs humanitarian missions through its Pre-Dental Society and Student-Run Free Clinic Project. This is a great example of how students or residents can get involved in humanitarian work locally. They are able to provide free, quality healthcare services for underserved members of their community via three, part-time clinics in the city of San Diego, which are run on donations and by volunteers exclusively. Undergraduate students manage and staff the clinics under the supervision of volunteer dental professionals, including specialists. There are also opportunities to volunteer in Mexico, Asia, the Pacific and Oceanic Islands, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Orthodontics students also participate. The program has provided over $3.5 million of free dental care. Here is more information about the project.

Raising Money

You don´t have to actually do the work to contribute in the humanitarian world, of course. The Graf Orthodontics clinic in Orem, UT run 5k annual to raise money for a charity. They donated toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss to elementary school children in Northern Thailand in 2012.

Valley Orthodontics in California have supported the Loitikotok Oral Health and Nutrition Project in Kenya with volunteers and have been a Vocational Training Team member of Kenya Smiles. They´ve also been on missions to Vietnam, Venezuela and Nepal with Rotaplast International.

Inspiring People

Dr. Jeff Berndt, DDS, MS, participated in a humanitarian dental clinic held in the village of San Martín Jilotepeque, located in northwest Guatemala in 2011.

The clinic was organized by Global Dental Relief (GDR) in conjunction with its local partner, the Behrhorst Partners for Development, a private, nonprofit organization founded in the 60s to support 60 indigenous villages with basic health and education services in the Mayan Highlands. A group of four dentists, two hygienists, and nine non-dental volunteers provided 590 children with much needed care over the course of six days from a municipal building.

The patients, who ranged in age from 6-12 years old, received initial examinations and as many cleanings, fluoride, sealants, composites, and restoration and extractions as they needed.

Dr. Berndt served as one of the primary dentists, completing a range of procedures with much enthusiasm. “I go on these trips because they are dedicated to the children of underserved communities and villages,” said Berndt.

Originally from Yakima, WA, Dr. Jeff Berndt received his DDS degree from the University of Southern California and his MS in Orthodontics from the University of North Carolina.

He served as a general dentist for eight years before transitioning to orthodontics and moving to North Carolina to join Straighten-Up-Orthodontics, around 2010.

Dr. Frank Andolino II was named 2016 American Dental Association Humanitarian for his great work in Kenya. Here´s more about his heart-warming story and work in Africa.

All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.


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