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International Postgraduate Periodontics, Israeli

I have never shared the negative feelings that most people harbor about visiting a dentist, even though I needed to receive quite a lot of radical treatment when young. One of the reasons that fascination overcame any feeling of alarm arose, no doubt from my close relationship with the dental specialists who treated me. My restorative treatment was performed by my uncle, a specialist in prosthetics; my wisdom teeth were extracted by another uncle, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon; and my teeth were straightened by my grandfather, a specialist in orthodontics, who is still providing excellent treatment to his patients at the age of 85.

Orthodontics certainly had a positive impact on my life by improving my self-image and increasing my confidence. So I am acutely aware of the significant potential for good of expert orthodontic treatment, and I now seek to acquire the skills and knowledge to provide it. I decided to become a dentist as a child and, even then, was particularly interested in my grandfather’s work as an orthodontist. My ambition to join him in that field was fired early in my life.

During my DMD studies, I was determined to remain open-minded about a choice of future specialty. I sought to absorb as much as possible about all the different specialist areas in case something which was new to me might ‘catch my interest.’ However, orthodontics remained the area that most fired my passion. My thesis focused on dental anomaly patterns in patients with Hemifacial Microsomia. During the preparation stage, I reviewed over 40 cases in great detail and had the opportunity to present my results at various conferences. I found this area of research to be fascinating and fruitful, and I hope that the opportunity to participate in the study in this area will arise in the future.

My supervisor at the time, Prof. XXXX, also introduced me to the field of cleft lip and palate treatment along with those of other congenital anomalies. My voluntary work focused on young people and children with special needs or who were disadvantaged in different ways, and so this work was of particular interest to me. The Professor was a model of caring and dedicated professionalism. She was always ready to rush to a hospital where a child with clefts had been born, to provide immediate attention, and I seek to emulate her.

The curriculum devoted to orthodontics at university was comprehensive, but I wanted to learn more and consequently took on work as an assistant to an orthodontist during my clinical studies. Exposure to the wide variety of treatment strategies, treatment planning, and the constant advances in materials and techniques fascinated me and was a powerful reinforcement of my choice.

I have always excelled in my academic career, having graduated with honors and been the recipient of various awards and; following my graduation, I sought another relevant intellectual challenge to satisfy my eagerness to learn and move me towards my specialist goal. I commenced an MSc program in cell biology at XXXX University under the supervision of Prof. XXXX. I sought to understand the mechanisms that govern the clinical phenotypes to enhance my effectiveness as a clinician. My study focuses on using Oral Mucusa Stem Cells for periodontal regeneration. I believe that the field of stem cell treatments will be of extreme importance in both medicine and dentistry in the future and is another of my research interests.

In addition to studying for my master’s degree, I practice dentistry in two clinics. I assist a specialist orthodontist with all treatment procedures, as well as providing first aid when necessary. I also perform retentive treatment and esthetic restorations. All the work is exciting, but the most exciting part of the process is shadowing Dr. XXXX during the initial consultation when he makes his diagnosis and presents the various treatment options, including the patient in the decisions to be made with great courtesy and humor. He has also taught me the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation in reaching an optimum outcome. My other work is undertaken for XXXX Health Care Services, for whom I perform general and prosthetic dentistry for adults.

I aim to work in a multidisciplinary clinic or hospital, treating congenital anomalies and undertaking research to identify the most effective and suitable treatments. I also hope to teach dentistry; I have been the beneficiary of such generous and excellent training both during my academic and professional careers to date. I would love to help others as I have been supported by sharing my skills, knowledge, and passion with others.

I possess good social skills and a highly developed sense of humor. I have always had good relations with colleagues, teachers, and mentors. I have an excellent ‘chairside manner’ and consistently seek to put patients at ease and to include and empathize with them, especially the young.

My hope now is to join your International Postgraduate Program because of the department’s prestigious reputation, especially in the field of congenital anomalies. Prof. XXXX, who completed his post-doctorate studies at Toronto University, has provided an enthusiastic recommendation to me.

I am aware that there will be many highly qualified, applicants. However, I genuinely believe I am an exceptional candidate. My history demonstrates my passion for orthodontics and successful research experience. Success in my academic career will ensure my potential to excel within the program rather than merely succeed. I am eager to ‘add value to the program by sharing the insights borne from my experience and knowledge and to receive the benefit of that available from fellow students. I promise enthusiastic and diligent participation if selected. 

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