Korean Woman Applicant: Additional Material for International Dentist Application Directed to a Specific Program

A multilingual Korean woman, I appreciate the rich celebration of diversity that is integral to the XXXX community, with a variety of student groups based on ethnicity, sports clubs, research and workshops, etc. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of XXXX’s Local and Global community services since I adore multicultural interaction and solidarity in the advancement of oral health knowledge, particularly when members of certain communities are underserved.

I hope to be selected for your summer mentoring program at XXXX.  This would be such an honor for me since educating young people about dentistry is especially close to my heart. Interacting with other dental students, and the young people chosen to participate in the program would represent some of the highest moments of my professional life I am certain, building lasting relationships as part of XXXX’s oral health community. I strongly believe my years of experience working with high school students through an educational services company, XXXX, as an office manager and tutor, along with my experience of mentoring high school students at my work place, Cambridge Dental Associates, will help me to distinguish myself in your program. I am particularly excited about the prospect of participating in a program providing early exposure to dentistry for high school students, giving them a taste of a future, most noble, career.

It would also be a profound honor to be selected to join your pre-doctoral research group at XXXX, given my enthusiasm for restorative dentistry, especially as a result of my recent shadowing and assisting experiences. I was long curious, for example, about what makes composite less durable than amalgam, exploring complex chemical processes that happen in the progression of degradation of the material and eventually result in a secondary cavity. I am very excited about the prospect of learning as much as I can about this area of dentistry in the years to come.

XXXX University’s XXXX School of Dental Medicine was for me love at first sight, one day late last Fall when I attended a pre-dental workshop held by Dentists for Humanity in Cambridge, MA. One of the most exciting days of my life, I was totally absorbed, listening to fascinating and wide-ranging testimonies from alumni and current BU dental students. I so very much enjoyed the rich dynamic of conversations, the intensity of sharing with other dentistry professionals from around the world.

Among the many things that I love about XXXX, I especially appreciate its thoroughgoing emphasis on professional ethics in dentistry. As a psychology major, I have long been aware of the critical importance of emotional health; and the close, symbiotic relationship between body and mind. I was truly impressed by XXXX, JD, MBA ‘s keynote address where she underlines the importance of ethics. I see your program as imbued with humanitarian values and a global perspective as well as a general emphasis on the fundamental importance of empathy and compassion. I firmly believe that these values should be given a high priority in dental school, beginning with the very first year, and I see your program as exemplary in this regard. 

Dental students need to be equipped with the ability to understand their patients’ feelings and circumstances so as to be able to treat them in a holistically, with compassionate professionalism. Patients must be accorded the fullest dignity as human beings and the dentist must always be aware of the way that patients’ physical and emotional health are always intertwined since success in dentistry requires full attention to the emotional as well as physical wellbeing of the patient. As Dr. Sarkis so accurately suggested, ethics developed through collected experience in life and something that we must continue to refine on a daily basis.

I thank you for considering my application to the finest dentistry program in the world, at XXXX.


On Sunday, June 3rd, a group of over 60 volunteers gathered at the Vietnamese Civic Center on 11360 Bellaire Blvd, Ste. 900, Houston, TX 77072 to host the first ever “Offer A Hand" Health Fair.  The purpose of the event was to offer free dental, eye, pharmaceutical and medical screenings to the Asian communities.  This is the largest event of its kind in Houston and involved the collaboration of 3 prominent Asian civic groups:  the Lions Club, Vietnamese Chapter (led by Mrs. Cuc Le, President), Houston Asian American Dental Society (led by Dr. Bryan Chu, President, and Dr. Thai Vuu, Community Director), and the Federation of Vietnamese Au Co Women (led by Dr. Linh Chu, Board Director).  The Vietnamese Houston Women also came out to help provide lunch for all the volunteers, and the dental students from the Dental Student Association of the University of Texas, School of Dentistry were among the helpers.

Since eight o'clock in the morning, patients started to gather at the front door of the Civic Center.  As the volunteers began to setup, news crews from four different television stations also arrived to record the event.  The TV stations were VAN TV, BYN, VietFace TV, and Houston Saigon Network.   Once the door opened, patients were welcomed and greeted by the volunteers from the Lions Club at the registration desk.  After that, they were instructed by the members of the Federation of Vietnamese Au Co Women to fill out the health history forms.  The participants were given choices of having either dental or eye exam, or both.  They were then led to the first table to have their blood pressure taken and consulted by Dr. Ban Vu and Dr. Anh Do (MDs).  Next, they were brought to the dental exam stations where 5 groups of dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists and dental students were giving thorough visual evaluation and recommendation for treatment.  Those who signed up for eye exams were escorted to the eye exam stations.  Dr. Diep Dinh and Dr. Hieu Do (optometrists) performed the exams and passed out eye drops to the patients.  Dr. Dieu-Thao Nguyen (pharmacist) also lent a hand by providing pharmaceutical consultations and gave out calcium and vitamin supplements to the elders.  She also performed blood glucose testing for those who requested.  Before leaving, patients also received tooth brushes, tooth pastes and floss, courtesy of Proctor and Gamble Company and members of the Houston Asian American Dental Society.  Overall, there were about 100 patients who received dental, eye, medical care, and vouchers for eye glasses.  The vouchers were provided by the Lions Club's fundings.

Russian Applicant Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs: DDS International

A dentist from Russia, I permanently immigrated to the USA last year in 2013 and I have settled in San Francisco. I could not be happier in my new community and I hope very much to be accepted to your competitive program so that I might resume my career here in America and work very hard to make my maximum contribution to our profession and my newly adopted community.

The Bay Area has one of the principal concentrations of Russian speakers in America with more arriving all the time. Many Russian-speaking immigrants, especially from the Ukraine—increasingly as a result of current political turmoil—have few economic resources to pay for dental care. I feel strongly that dental, like medical care, optimally takes place in one’s native language so as to facilitate communication. Thus, my central professional dream is to open my own dental clinic in San Francisco that would cater primarily to Russian speakers. Furthermore, I see it as my civic and human duty to charge on a sliding scale, treating my patients at a cost that they can afford to pay.

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International Dentist from Pakistan

Having qualified in 2004, I acquired significant and very broad experience in dentistry in Pakistan.  Much of my experience was acquired in two specialist dental hospitals, initially as a House Surgeon and subsequently as a Resident in Prosthodontics.  These posts provided early exposure to numerous specialties and conditions providing a foundation in dentistry that I believe would be difficult to match. It was not uncommon for patients to travel many miles in great pain to seek treatment. I became used to seeing patients who had delayed treatment until their pain had become intolerable. Transforming grimaces of pain into smiles of relief and gratitude certainly confirmed me in my choice of profession.  

During my training and work to date, I have gained considerable experience in treating geriatric patients and their particular problems. I have an excellent rapport with the elderly and affection for them which is encouraged in my culture, perhaps more so than in the US. The ageing of the population will call for many, like myself, who have a particular interest and skill in treating the aged and I greatly look forward to doing so, though not exclusively. I also believe that the comprehensiveness of my work to date has provided me with the excellent diagnostic skills required in general practice especially in identifying illnesses that manifest themselves through dental and oral pain but which are, in fact, medical problems. I also have a particular interest in, and knowledge of, chronic pain management, gained during my studies for my Master’s degree.

My goal is to become an expert dentist in general practice. General practice is my favored specialty because of the opportunities to create and maintain long-term relationships with patients and indeed, whole families and communities, and to provide education in oral and dental health to patients and others, especially children and young people. I hope to get to know my patients as individuals and to treat them as such.

I have acquired a great deal of exposure to the US dental environment since moving here in 2006.  I obtained my MDS degree at XXXX’s in Temporomandibular Joint disorders and Orofacial Pain Management.  I have also undertaken an observership in a busy private clinic and been employed as a Dental Assistant in the US. In addition, I regularly study professional journals and research papers to keep abreast of the latest developments in a world where new techniques and materials are being developed at such an exciting pace.  I have also attended numerous workshops and seminars on a wide range of relevant issues both in the US and in Pakistan.

I am keenly aware that a dentist working in the US must be culturally sensitive and aware. My own experiences have been useful in creating these characteristics. I came to the US from Pakistan and understand the challenges involved in adjusting to a new, and occasionally baffling, culture. I have happily worked, treated and socialized with people from many social and ethnic backgrounds and generations. I am fluent in English, Urdu and Punjabi. I have undertaken work with the poor and underserved in my training and career to date and see voluntary work as an obligation rather than a choice. I certainly intend to give some of my time and skills to those less fortunate than myself throughout my career both here and in Pakistan.

I am especially drawn to your program because of the prestigious faculty, the excellence of the facilities available to students and the emphasis on treatment planning and comprehensive patient care. I believe that my background will enable me to ‘add value’ to the program and will provide me with the additional and higher skills and knowledge to enable me to achieve my goal of becoming a first class general practitioner trained and skilled to the highest standard possible.

To summarize: My record will attest that I am academically able; I have significant and broad experience in the profession; I have acquired significant exposure to the US dental environment but, most importantly, I passionately wish to bring the very best dental care and education to as wide a population as possible.

Thank you for considering my application.

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1st 2 Paragraphs, Dental School Admission, Pakistani in Canada

Coming to Canada from my native Pakistan in 2012 to begin my education at XXXX University, now that I am entering my final semester to earn my Biology degree I could not be more pleased to be working towards becoming a dentist in Quebec, since there is a shortage of dentists in our province. Serving the people of Quebec as a dentist—and especially the underserved members of our community—will provide me with the best of all opportunities to give something back to the people of Quebec, showing my appreciation for the fact that Canada has provided me with such a wonderful new home.

I was also enormously pleased to discover that one of my two native languages, Punjabi, is the third most frequently spoken native language in Quebec, after English and French. I am convinced that speaking all three of Quebec’s most frequently spoken languages, in addition to Urdu, will enable me to excel at treating the oral health needs of broad sectors of Quebec’s immigrant population, especially those who have the greatest need for oral health care and education.

Nepal Dental Volunteering

Sheffield Dental Elective 2014 - Vietnam and Thailand. A compilation of the highlights from our dental elective trip from The University of Sheffield, UK across Vietnam and Thailand.

Sample Introduction for Pakistani Dentist

I was determined to ‘make a difference’ rather than to merely ‘make a living’ with my life from early childhood and in dentistry, I have found a wonderful way of fulfilling that ambition by restoring smiles and alleviating pain and in training others to do the same. The most impressive dentist I have worked with is a US trained Pakistani dentist who leads a team which treats patients at a charity dental camp twice each year for a week in a deprived area of my country. It is my hope to emulate him, to benefit from the first class advanced training that he has received and to pass on the benefits of that training to my patients, junior colleagues and students in my home country, Pakistan.

I have a particular interest in pediatric dentistry and I am trusted to supervise the pediatric section of the charity dental camp. I have particular empathy for child patients and find that I can put both child patients and anxious parents at ease. My particular research interests include pediatric dentistry, esthetic work, and Implantology.