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Advanced Education Prosthodontics, Saudi Arabian

I am a very respectful, gentlemanly, compassionate, and warm, and I love to serve my fellow man. I focused early on the dream of becoming a dentist precisely because of the deep joy that I find in helping others. I came to America to advance my studies, and I hope to be accepted into and excel in your distinguished program.

In addition to many months living in America and preparing myself for full-time study in English, I have also spent significant periods in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, constantly developing my communication skills and general knowledge about the English-speaking world, and the dental profession in the West.

The center of my world surrounds both removable and fixed prostheses. I hope to earn a Certificate in Prosthodontic Dentistry and a Masters's Degree in Dental Material. In July of 2013, immediately following my graduation, I was invited to teach in the Prosthodontics Department of the program from which I graduated. This helped to provide me with the confidence to believe that I can turn my long-term goal into a reality and someday become one of the most influential prosthodontists in my country, Saudi Arabia, making significant contributions to both research and practice for decades to come.

A young man and a dentist from Medina, I have also lived and worked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a city that I like to think of it as one of the most beautiful and international cities in the Middle East. This international character will help me to network with other prosthodontists throughout the Middle East over decades to come, laboring together on a regional level, helping each other to improve the quality of care of that we provide.

I first earned a degree in dental technology and then later a BDS Degree with honors. I excelled in the program, which is why I was given the privilege of working as a clinical demonstrator in the program from which I graduated, working as a dentist and teaching undergraduate students. I have also fulfilled internships working in some of the best hospital labs in the KSA, including King Faisal Hospital, for six months.

The University of XXXX is my first choice for advanced study in Prosthodontics because of my profound admiration for your thoroughgoing curriculum and how it encourages a component in Independent Studies. While I hope to build a specialization in the area of implants, I am also very much engaged with the literature on the cutting edge of dentures. I seek the complete immersion possible as a student in your program in both areas.

I adore physical and spiritual beauty, and I find both to be best expressed in the smile, the center of my world. I want to devote the rest of my life to promoting oral health through the study and practice of prosthodontics not only in Saudi Arabia, but throughout the Middle East. I ask for admission to your selective and competitive program because I feel strongly that our region of the world, the Middle East, could benefit by greater levels of international collaboration in oral health care. I humbly thank you for considering my application to your program.

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