Iraqi Woman International Dentist DDS, Endo

My father’s cousin held a Ph.D. in Orthodontics and regularly visited our family. I used to listen to him describing his work, telling us how satisfying it was to improve facial appearance, relieve pain and extend dietary choices. Like most young people, I had a vague ambition of spending my life helping others and this seemed a wonderful way of doing so. I decided to become a dentist and have never regretted my choice of career. 

Entry into Dental Schools in my home country of Iraq is highly competitive and I was delighted that my determination and diligence were recognized by admittance to a prestigious program. The five year training provided was highly demanding and comprehensive and involved substantial patient contact and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

Having qualified, I was employed by the Health Ministry of Iraq in late 2001 and worked in a clinic in a predominantly rural area which provided very broad and early experience of a wide range of conditions and treatments. I developed particular interests in oral surgery, endodontics and conservative dentistry and have had significant exposure to these specialties in my career to date. I would be very interested in assisting in research in one of these areas of work in the program if the opportunity arose. I have not undertaken any research up to this point but do believe that I have the persistence, determination and the capacity for originality and creativity that would enable me to become effective in this vital process in such a dynamic professional environment.

It is my goal, ultimately, to specialize in oral surgery and/or endodontics in my own practice and to enhance the skills and knowledge already acquired to enable me to become a highly effective practitioner. I enjoy helping others in achieving their professional goals and would seek opportunities in the future to pass on the fruits of my skills and knowledge to entrants to the profession who share my passion for enhancing the lives of patients by offering relief from pain and discomfort, improving facial aesthetics and broadening dietary choice.

Because of the fondness I developed for the rural population and their significant need for dental services, I continued to do some work at the government clinic even after opening my own practice in 2007. The farming community with which I worked comprised simple, honest and kindly people who were very grateful for the services that we offered and it was a joy and privilege to treat them. Unfortunately, the tendency among the poor and rural populations worldwide for giving low priority to oral and dental health was very evident. They tended to seek treatment only when it became unavoidable and I spent much time providing preventative education to encourage effective oral and dental hygiene regimes and emphasizing the link between these and general health. It is certainly my intention to assist at free and subsidized clinics in the US, when qualified to practice here and to provide preventative education as widely as possible to those who need it.

For the past two years, I have worked as a Dental Assistant in a general practice in Georgia and have passed Part 1 of the NDBE. I also read professional journals to keep abreast of the constantly evolving techniques and materials that are being developed. My work as a DA has provided me with significant exposure to the dental environment in the US as well as enabling me to assist in a wide range of dental treatments.

I have always enjoyed patient contact and am able to gain the confidence and trust of patients easily. I get on well with colleagues and apply myself to my work with enthusiasm, diligence and care always prioritizing patient welfare and seeking to ‘go the extra mile’.

I am the mother of two but find time to read widely and to undertake a range of handicraft works that, while providing excellent recreation, also enhance my manual dexterity. I have settled into the US culture very well and greatly enjoy living here. I have happily worked with colleagues and patients of many social and cultural backgrounds. I love learning about other cultures and to share knowledge of my own. I was trained in the medium of the English language and consider myself to be bilingual in Arabic and English.

To summarize, I am a dentist with fairly lengthy and very broad professional experience undertaken in different environments. I have done as much as possible to familiarize myself with the US dental environment and greatly look forward to working in the profession in the US. In addition to the technical skills and experience that I have acquired, I consider myself to be a patient-centered professional with the characteristics that enable me to empathize and readily gain the confidence of my patients and colleagues. I feel sure that I have the potential to excel within the program and in my career beyond it, as is my firm intention.

Thank you for considering my application.

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