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I help dentists and students of dentistry from all over the world to be selected for admission to advanced education programs.  I weave your ethnicity, travels, language and professional experience into an eloquent portrayal of the best that you can be and the contributions that you look forward to making to the underserved. I especially enjoy working on behalf of those clients whose stated long term goals represent a significant contribution to the progressive enrichment of humanity.

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Scholarships 101: Federal programs for aspiring dental students (Predental Week 2016 Webinar). This webinar will help you have a greater understanding of the scholarship programs available to dental students and aid you in becoming a better applicant. You

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All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

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Scholarship Essay and Personal Statement Help in Dentistry

I turned my PHD in World Religions (University of Southern California, 1995) into a celebration of diversity in dental school admissions, especially for applicants born in the Developing World who look forward to returning to their countries of origin to help with the great need that exists for new initiatives in oral health care for the masses of ordinary people, many if not most of whom have never seen a dentist. I do this because I see Jesus in the faces of poor children without adequate health care. Since finishing my own doctoral studies almost 20 years ago in religion, ethics, and liberation, I have dedicated my professional life to the study of what makes the Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose most effective, with special attention to dental school.

Having given most of my life to the study of the Developing World, I have been living in Cochabamba, Bolivia (the poorest country in South America) for the past three years with my wife and infant son. This is why the following sample of my work is one of my favorites, and exemplary of the kind of work that I most appreciate having the opportunity to perform, helping applicants to get accepted to advanced dental programs who will return to their countries of origin with the skills and resources that they acquire to help those back home who need them most. This is why it would be a special pleasure for me to assist you with your statement for a scholarship in advanced dental education.