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All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.


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How I got into Dental Hygiene School (Accelerated Program)

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I help dental hygienists and those seeking an advanced degree in Dental Hygiene from all over the world.

As someone who lives at the exact center of South America and has a long trajectory of working with human rights issues, my principal concern is the Developing World. Bolivia where I live.  The FDI World Dental Federation has identified the most serious challenges facing developing countries such as Bolivia in South America, Africa, and Asia in their pursuit of optimal oral health. They include poor access to adequate care, lack of quality dental materials at an affordable price and insufficient investment in dental care.   The figures are stark: the average density of dentists to head of population in Africa is 1 to 150,000; in industrialized countries, the average is 1 to 5,000.  Dental hygienists hold so much promise for the Developing World, especially in the long term, preventing oral health decay for which treatment is simply unavailable, smart, and sustainable.

Sample 1st Paragraph for the Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene

I was born in Somalia but raised in Memphis Tennessee. I am now 33 years old and have visited Somalia many times as both a child and an adult. One of the reasons why I want very much to become a dental hygiene professional is because every time that I have visited my country of origin, it breaks my heart to witness beautiful men and women held captive by their poor dental hygiene. I know that they would wish to smile openly without covering their mouths with their palms. I feel their tragedy very deeply and dream of returning to help Somalia develop structures of oral health care. My country is the last place anyone would want to visit, because of the violence and abysmal poverty. So, we need to have confidence in our ability to smile.

The Humanitarian Side of Dental Hygiene

Dental hygienists from all over the world travel to distant (and not-so-distant) lands to experience what many describe as some of the best and most challenging times in their careers.

There are many volunteer organizations that allow you to join a team of dental professionals and attend to some of the neediest individuals on our planet. Others dedicate a little time to work locally. Here are some of these organizations.

Abayudaya Dental Expeditions

Dental Explorations organizes missions to Uganda´s Abayudaya dental clinic various times per year. Here´s a tour video about what to expect. Volunteers are needed for missions to Uganda during mid and late 2016. Have a glance over their mission itinerary right here.

Global Dental Relief

This organization provides free preventative dental care and treatment to disadvantaged children in Africa, Asia and Central America. This video gives you an overview of the founders´ mission and work. Check out their site here.

Kindness in Action

Kindness in Action makes it work. Dr. Amil Shapka founded the organization, which works in Honduras to provide people from rural areas with dental services. Through comprehensive community-based prevention programs and treatment programs, they work alongside local, grassroots host organizations. Find out how to volunteer here.

Belize Mission Project

This project started in the nineties, when it was all about professional fishing, as well as dental/medical mission work! Around forty health professionals now go on one big mission every year.

Dental professionals are needed for a mission to Belize October 21-29 and October 29 - Nov 6, 2016. To sign up, go to this page, or contact Dr. Frank Whipps at for additional information.

A Reason to Smile

A Reason to Smile needs dental professionals for a trip to Uganda in December 2016.
For more information, contact Dr. Gunther Heyder at, or visit to find out how to help them with their goal of reaching at least one region of the continent every year and alleviating the suffering caused by dental disease.

The Children's International Dental Project

The Children's International Dental Project is a nonprofit dedicated to doing a world of good across the globe. Here´s more on their projects and the organization itself. There will be a mission to Myanmar (previously Burma) from Nov. 7 - 22, 2016. To go, you´ll need around $5,000 - 5,400.

Dental Clinic Sonrisas Sanas

Sonrisas Sanas means healthy smiles. Dental professionals needed for trips to Nicaragua.