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Sample 1st Paragraph for the DDS, International Dentist, Iranian Raised in Sweden

I am a young Iranian woman who grew up in Sweden. I became a dentist in Poland and I have practiced dentistry as well. My life circumstances have resulted in my becoming a very international person and a dentist. After spending my first 3 years in Iran, I would spend the next 22 in Sweden and then 6 years in Poland. I have also spend long periods from weeks to months in the UK, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, and the United States. My English is almost as good as my Swedish and my Farsi and I keenly look forward to contributing my all to the celebration of diversity in your distinguished program. I am very close to my brother is now working for an American company in New York. Most of all, however, my finance is a medical doctor who will soon apply for residency positions in the USA; he also has family there. We have decided, therefore, to build our home and raise our family in the United States and I keenly look forward to being admitted to your program so that I can continue practicing dentistry in America.

What I would have done different in my International Dentist Program.

Many international dentists are turning to Canada to advance their careers these days because of the way that the Government of Canada is funding a project that helps internationally trained dentists put their knowledge and skills to work sooner. 

The Canadian Dental Regulatory Authorities Federation (CDRAF) receives over $790,000 in Foreign Credential Recognition Program funding each year for its project entitled Assessment of Internationally Trained General Dentists from Non-Accredited Dental Programs.

"Our government is helping internationally educated health professionals enter the labour market to improve the quality of life of all Canadians," said Minister Finley. "Through Canada's Economic Action Plan, we are working with partners to develop a common approach to foreign credential recognition. This project contributes to a fair, efficient and timely system that will help internationally trained dentists find work in communities across Canada."

The CDRAF's project will establish a national process for the assessment of internationally trained dentists. Prior to this initiative, the majority of foreign-trained dentists, who come from non-accredited dental schools, would have been required to undertake additional training and education.

This new process will evaluate whether these individuals already have the same knowledge, skills and competencies as a graduate from an accredited Canadian dental program.

Successful completion of this assessment process will enable them to take the national examination through the National Dental Examining Board of Canada. Candidates who pass the exam can then register to practise as a dentist anywhere in Canada.

Through Canada's Economic Action Plan, the Government of Canada is working with the provinces and territories and other partners, such as employers, to address barriers to foreign credential recognition in Canada. This partnership directly contributed to the development of the Pan-Canadian Framework for the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications, which was announced in November 2009.

This project is one example of how the Framework is bringing meaningful change to the way that newcomers' qualifications are assessed and recognized by regulatory bodies in key occupations.

To learn more about Canada's Economic Action Plan, visit

I help international dentists and students of dentistry from all over the world to be selected for admission to advanced education programs in English-speaking countries, especially the United States and Canada. 

Additional Information for DDS International Dentist Program Application Questionnaire, Turkish Applicant,

  1. Please explain why you selected dentistry as a profession.

Since childhood, my greatest joy has always been found interacting with people. An outgoing child, I like to think that I am compassionate by nature and that this is my greatest gift. My uncle is an otorhinolaryngologist and I enjoyed spending time at his clinic as a child. I admired and looked up to him as a trusted public servant and I formed the goal early on of being like him and serving my community.Like my uncle, I strive to be a great communicator with my patients so as to provide them with the best treatment possible.

My first experience with a dentist as a patient was when I was a high school student. I had dental caries that needed to be treated and my first treatment was rather stressful. The fact that I admired my dentist helped to calm my nerves.First she talked to me for a while to calm me down and only then did she begin the treatment. I remember to this day watching her hands. I especially love how Dentistry is a totally hands-on profession because the process results in healing, total recovery, and prevention where possible.

I also like the material aspect of dentistry, working with ‘concrete’ things like fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, etc. I selected dentistry for the above reasons, because I am a problem solver who loves to make people smile and provide a service that lasts throughout their lifetime.

  1. If you were employed while obtaining your dental degree, how many hours a week did you work, and what was the nature of your employment?

I worked as a volunteer when I was a student in dental school student, mostly in my hometown, Eregli, Turkey. Often, I worked as long as 15 hours a day assisting and observing dentists since as a student I was not yet able to practice. I was responsible for providing information about oral health, how to prevent caries and periodontal problems as well as promoting and educating people about the difference between cariogenic and anti-cariogenic diets. I was able to learn a great deal as a volunteer, especially about dentist-patient interaction and what a patient expects from a dentist. I especially appreciate the teamwork that we cultivated in my volunteer position, working alongside dentists, technicians, hygienists, and other coworkers. This intensive hands-on experience helped to provide a smooth transition from pre-clinic to clinic courses.

  1. Please describe your experience in dentistry

After graduation from dental school, I began working as an Associate Dentist at a clinic in my hometown, from October of 2007 through May of 2009. I especially appreciated the interdisciplinary character of our clinic and found this cross-disciplinary collaboration to be most useful for providing our patients with optimal care in a broad variety of areas in addition to dentistry, including pediatrics, ophthalmology, surgery, and otorhinolaryngology. I was the only dentist at the clinic and I enjoyed serving as a spokesperson for my field in conversations with my doctor colleagues. Thus, I am highly experienced at the diagnosis and the development of treatment plans involving prosthodontic, endodontic, and periodontal treatments, tooth extraction, including impacted third molars, as well as pedodontic treatments developed in response to the special needs of children.

From June of 2009 through November of 2012, I worked as an Associate Dentist at a dental clinic in Istanbul. Our clinic stayed very busy; with six dentists, we attended to an average of 50 patients a day. I mostly attended to soft tissue surgeries using diode laser and electrosurgery, endodontic treatments and retreatments using apex locater, extraction of impacted third molars, fixed prosthodontics such as all ceramic and zirconia restorations, inlays, removable prosthodontics, periodontal treatments, pedodontic treatments, esthetic dentistry such as bleaching, smile design etc. During this time, I also earned certificates in implantology and radiology.

  1. Have you ever received any awards for outstanding academic/scholarly achievements, athletic/musical talent, or community service? Please list and explain.

I don’t have any awards.

  1. Please list any publications for which you were an author and research projects in which you participated.

I don’t have any publications.

  1. Are you proficient (written or conversational) in language(s) other than English? Please list them.

Turkish is my native language.

  1. If you observed a classmate cheating, what if any action would you take and why?

The practice of cheating makes me feel really annoyed and uncomfortable; thus, I have never been involved in cheating. If I realized that someone was trying to look at my paper or ask me the answers to questions, I would definitely cover my paper or change my seat. I would never let anyone involve me in any way with cheating activity. This dishonest activity must not be allowed because it threatens the integrity of our profession and our educational system. No one would want to be treated by a dentist who cheated while he or she was a student in dental school. Because of my respect for my profession, I might very well feel a responsibility to report anyone who I saw cheating. While I have no desire to spy on my fellow students, at the very least, any attempt to engage me in such activity would meet with a hostile response.

  1. After receiving your DDS, how and where do you envision your skills being employed?

After receiving my DDS, and gaining additional experience, I plan to enroll in a postgraduate program and specialize in Endodontics. Endodontic treatments are my special interest because I find the greatest joy in dentistry in saving the tooth rather than replacing it. If I were to realize my goal of publishing in my field at some point in the future, it will probably be in the area of pain management in Endodontics. I feel most happy when my patient is happy with their treatment. At some point in my career I hope to establish my own clinic at the service of my community and build lasting relationships with whole families and even neighborhoods.

  1. Please state briefly why you should be selected for admission to the XXXX IDP over other applicants with similar qualifications.

Always open to learning new things and most enthused about education, I will serve to foment teamwork among my classmates so that we all do our best in our relentless quest for excellence. My motto is to never stop learning by experience. I graduated from one of the top dentistry schools in my country. After graduation, I worked nonstop for 5 years in my country. During these years I gained a lot of experience and had the opportunity to perfect my dentistry skills by providing a range of treatments from soft tissue surgeries and pedodontic treatments to retreatments of roots and canals and all ceramic restorations.

I have much to contribute to your program in terms of diversity since I am from Turkey which is a melting pot and has many different cultures: Mediterranean, Middle Easter, and European; and I have now lived for over one year in the Bay Area in California which is the primary reason why UXXX is my first choice for dental school. I have made friends with numerous dentists from all over the world—Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Armenian, Greek—in the Bay Area who will service me as a support group and inspire me to excel. I have spent the last 7 months in Dublin, Ireland learning and exploring culture and its implications for dentistry on a global scale, with special attention to effort to assist the underserved.I feel strongly that my multicultural background and experience will make for a smooth transition to my professional life as a dentist in the US.

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