MS Masters, Prosthodontics, Kuwait, Ireland

I was born and raised in Kuwait and was resident in Ireland for seven years. I was awarded a B.A. Degree and my Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry by Trinity College, Dublin, having been granted a study scholarship by the government of Kuwait. My goal now is to join a challenging program in Prosthodontics during which I hope to be involved in valuable research and, eventually, to share the skills and knowledge gained with dentists in my home country.

 I was initially attracted to dentistry by the fact that there are a variety of aspects in the work; relief of pain, prevention, diagnosis and esthetic. I was also attracted by the fact that dental and oral health is so important in maintaining general health. Initially, I did not consider the esthetic aspect of the work to be of particular importance. However, during my training and post-qualification experience I became more and more aware of the enormous importance of a natural looking, confident and attractive smile and to the distress of people who are forced to change their preferred diet because of dental problems. Another reason for my preference is that Prosthodontics is advancing at a thrilling pace, I expect to see many dramatic advances in my future career and I am very keen to take a part in researching, applying and teaching them.

 I am currently in my third year of work in a polyclinic. I have been fortunate to see patients with a very wide variety of treatment needs and thus acquired substantial experience over a relatively short period. I have experience of surgical and non-surgical extractions, fixed prosthodontics, endodontics, anterior and posterior composites, amalgam restoration, dental cleaning and radiography. I have seen many patients in need of Prosthodontic work, both fixed and removable, in my training and work to date and have undertaken a significant amount of work in this area and have also liaised with specialists.  I have been extremely impressed by the rigor of the specialists’ planning, the great care they apply in their work and the beneficial outcomes achieved. I have also sought to acquire relevant skills and knowledge by attendance at workshops on the subjects of, for example, veneers and lumineers.

 I am particularly interested in working to assist those who have lost all or most of their teeth especially the elderly. I saw my grandfather’s struggles and distress in dealing with new dentures and I would love to be able to assist in research which would reduce and, ultimately entirely prevent, these difficulties suffered by so many of the elderly.

 I have undertaken effective research to date and I thoroughly enjoyed doing so. I believe that I have the characteristics of determination, diligence and thoroughness required to excel in research work. It is my hope to contribute to the body of dental research and also to teach in a school of dentistry as I enjoy sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

 I understand that the specialty calls for certain characteristics including an ability to relate particularly well to patients so as to gain their collaboration in deciding on appropriate solutions where choices exist. I believe that I possess the patience required to deal effectively with the elderly patients that I specially seek to assist. I am also aware of the importance of recognizing non-verbal signals given by patients in health care provision of any kind.

 I am fully aware of the importance of cultural sensitivity and awareness especially in the provision of healthcare. I have lived in two cultures and have happily studied, worked and socialized with people from many cultural and social backgrounds. In addition to living in Kuwait, Ireland and England, I have travelled extensively in Asia and in Eastern Europe. I am bi-lingual in Arabic and English.

 I am aware that there will be many well qualified applicants; however I believe that I am an exceptional candidate and have the potential to excel within the program. I have, in a relatively short career, been exposed to a wide range of Prosthodontic cases and their treatment and in consultations with specialists relating to treatment. I also have proven skills in research and am keen to apply and extend these. Most importantly, I offer a real passion for Prosthodontics and a commitment of diligent and enthusiastic participation in the program. 


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