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Indian Woman Dentist, Implantology, Dental Education

Now married and permanently relocated to the USA, I am a dentist from India who hopes to resume her career here in America by completing your DDS/DMD Program for Internationally trained dentists. I hope to be chosen not only because I am an experienced and very hard working dentist, but also because I earned my MDS Degree last year in Prosthodontics, August 2016, in my native India, before relocating to the USA. Even though I only arrived this past February, 2017, I have already cleared the hurdles of the TOEFL and NBDE 1; and working towards the NBDE Part II. I am also now certified for CPR and have already engaged extensively as a volunteer with NY Cares.

A “Fellow” of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), I am mainly dedicated to all aspects of Implant Dentistry, and, after completing your distinguished program, I very much look forward to continuing to cultivate a lifetime investment in the cutting-edge of research and practice in this most promising avenue of dental advancement.

I keenly look forward to many decades to come of full-time + service in dentistry, always, and progressively, with a focus on the underserved, both at home in my native India and here in America as well. Until I left India, I distinguished myself by helping the NGOs Karma Kutir and G. D. Foundations with many dental-related volunteer work: free dental check-ups and treatment camps, etc. I gave presentations on oral hygiene and its importance, counseling, educating, and reaching out to as many children as possible, in particular. I see this as an integral and permanent, foundational aspect of my career as a dentist, and I look forward to continuing to build my network and my subsequent contribution to dental missionary efforts worldwide, with a particular focus on India and missionary dental efforts based in the USA.

Nothing fills me with such joy as working to educate underserved communities about the basics of oral hygiene and care protocols, treatment options, oral cancer awareness, tobacco cessation counseling, and so on. My finest moments have been spent organizing street plays, using audio-visual aids, and pamphlets, educating children in school, and ensuring fluoridation of water in remote areas to prevent dental caries. I have also invested a great deal of time learning about the various obstacles – on a global level – to making dental care more affordable, particularly in the Developing World.

Throughout the course of my MDS Program in India, I became more and more focused and geared up for a career spanning Prosthodontics through Implantology.  I seek to become a highly active contributor to Implant and Full Mouth Rehab Dentistry – giving my professional heart and soul to extensive new initiatives in oral health care.

During my clinical experience as a Masters's student, I came across many patients who were ideal candidates for implants, but couldn’t afford them. During my interactions with professionals in this field in the USA, I now better understand many of the complex reasons why implantology remains outside of the financial reach of broad swaths of the US population as well. My fondest desire and hope, if I were selected to earn the DDS/DMD here in the USA, would be to spend every day on the cutting edge of advancing techniques in Implantology, and to serve as a witness to ever more significant numbers of people benefitting from our new technology at the same time that it constantly improves. At the same time, I want to always remain active as well in the education of my local community, helping to raise awareness of the importance of healthy dentition, the advanced treatment options.

The most important thing to me professionally is that my patients feel comfortable with whatever option they are choose for their dental treatment. I want to create audio-visual aids and models for my patients to understand better the steps involved in each procedure that they will go through, in detail, to encourage the entire understanding and most effective cooperation between dentist and patient, completely overcoming all anxiousness and fear.

My central long-term dream is to open and operate a free or nearly-free, dental healthcare multi-specialty hospital center geared for a large number of patients, with streamlined attention from diagnostics to treatment and follow-ups, probably in India.

I am more of a people than a lab person, more inclined towards clinical practice than laboratory research. Nevertheless, I seek proficiency in every aspect of implant treatment for the balance of my career, in particular, including materials science and issues, etc. I want to devote my life to making implant treatment as successful, predictable, and affordable as possible, even in compromised cases.

In my spare time, I enjoy meditation, cooking/baking, hosting, sports, and fitness: Zumba, Bhangra, badminton, and swimming.  All of these help to keep me focused on dentistry.

I thank you for considering my application.

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