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BS Program Dental Hygiene, Iranian


Personal Statement: Now 29 years old and a citizen of the USA, I am a woman from Iran who has fallen deeply in love with the dental hygiene profession, and I very much want to complete your BS Program in Dental Hygiene at the University of XXXX because I am convinced that it is the most accepta…

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DDS Admission, Dental Hygienist, Vietnamese

The youngest of eight children, I am the first to attend college because my parents developed such high hopes for me and worked so hard that we might have at least one professional in our family. I studied biology at a university in my home country of Vietnam for three years until we immigrated to t…

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Dental Hygiene Master, Vietnamese, Dental Missions

I am a Vietnamese woman who was born and raised in Vietnam and have been resident in the US since 2001. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene, awarded by the University of XXXX in January of 2009.

I was raised in a country where people usually seek the services of a dentist only when in pa…

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DDS, Dental Hygienist, Family Clinic, Dental Missions

Both my father and uncle are dentists. As a child, I would beg my father to accompany me to his practice; often, he would let me, and I would follow him around, trying not to get in the way. I grew up in a dental world, so it is not surprising that I became a dental hygienist and now have my heart s…

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