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BS Program Dental Hygiene, Iranian

Personal Statement: Now 29 years old and a citizen of the USA, I am a woman from Iran who has fallen deeply in love with the dental hygiene profession, and I very much want to complete your BS Program in Dental Hygiene at the University of XXXX because I am convinced that it is the most acceptable program in my area. In addition, my husband is in his second year of dental school at the University of XXXX, so my being accepted to study there as well would be convenient.

My own academic background was originally in Information Technology in Iran; this has helped me to become very good at web development, online research, and networking, and I look forward to a lifetime of promoting dental hygiene and my professional activities and those of my colleagues online. I am currently enrolled at XXXX College, fulfilling all of the prerequisites to enter your dental hygiene program at the U of X. I feel genuinely excited and passionately interested in everything that I have studied so far, particularly everything having to do with nutrition, anatomy & Physiology, and psychology. I hope to distinguish myself in this area as well in the future.  In addition to my native Farsi, I also speak Arabic at an intermediate level. I like to think of myself as a world citizen, and I relish diversity and interaction with people from many cultures. While I do seek to make my home and work life idyllic, I also plan to devote a large chunk of time each year to dental missions. Giving something back as a volunteer not only to our community here in XXXX but also society at large, especially those who live in developing countries without adequate access to dental care; this is what I see as the pinnacle of accomplishment, and the most critical aspect of my professional identity. My husband and I are very dedicated to the cause of serving the underserved, both here in America and abroad, and we are very excited about the possibility of planning mission trips together.

I have now shadowed more than 80 hours at XXXX Dental Office in eastern XXXX, which has a community consisting primarily of farmers. I have been quite surprised at the very generally low level of oral hygiene awareness that I have encountered, which has fired me up for a whole immersion experience in dental hygiene. I look forward in the future to working in low-income areas of XXXX, where poor oral hygiene tends to be concentrated. I am currently employed as a cosmetics and skin care professional and make-up artist. This has enabled me to develop and maintain a very high level of manual skill that will serve me well in dental hygiene. I thrive best at constantly communicating with people and making them happy. I care deeply about beauty, health, and youthfulness.

I hope to have the privilege of spreading information about preventative dental care to poorer communities as a student in your program and taking part in free dental clinics for the underserved since it is my conviction that a dental hygiene professional has the responsibility to share this gift with society. Working at XXXX Dental Office, I was able to communicate with patients and quite successful at reducing their stress and anxiety. I loved to talk to them and describe their procedure in detail. I believe that I have both the intellectual capacity and the personal commitment and drive to excel in your program at U of X. I know that there will be very many well-qualified applicants, but my academic records suggest correctly that I am the kind of person who is willing to ‘go the extra mile in her work; my preparation for entry to the program is both practical and academic and has provided me with a good understanding of the dental hygiene working environment. I see my own most significant asset, however, as simply my passionate interest in dental hygiene and in becoming a skilled, knowledgeable, and effective provider. I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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