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DDS International, New Mother from India

Now 26 years old with a new baby boy, I am a dentist from India with four years of experience immersed in my calling as a dentist, two years whole time experience in India after graduating from dental school, and now two years of preparation to enter your Advanced Standing DDS Program for International Dentists here in America. I have now made the USA my new permanent home due to my marriage and family, and I look forward to entirely restarting my career here in America. I have attended the Yankee Dental Congress conference in 2014 and 2015 and achieved more than 50 CE credits in various areas of dentistry. Becoming a mother on 06 Mar 2015, I now feel more responsibility than ever towards my profession, in which I look forward to a lifetime of hard work and loyalty, thereby setting a good example for my son and helping my family to meet its economic responsibilities.

Almost as soon as I arrived in America, I began shadowing at XXXX DMD and Associates in XXXX, MA, and I am most grateful to Dr. XXXX for this first dental immersion experience in the USA, lasting from June of 2013 through March of 2014. From August of 2014 through January of 2015, I spent a great deal of time shadowing Dr. XXXX XXXX at Abington Family Dental Care and helping him in every way that I could with anything and everything that needed to be done to provide the patients that came to his clinic the best experience possible. In both of my observership positions, I did everything that I could to make the patient comfortable and the treatment effective. Since all of the doctors that I have shadowed here in America are highly accomplished in their field, I learned very quickly and now feel strongly that I have a perfect sense of and familiarity with state-of-the-art dentistry in America.

I have spent these past two years here in America doing everything that I could to stay heavily involved and engaged not only with dentistry but also in the community, which included volunteer work at a school as well as my work at local dental offices, and attending seminars and conferences. I have bonded with many members of our community through my volunteer work at XXXX Preschool here in XXXX, Massachusetts, and I am pleased that they will be there for me with close bonds and much love to give to my little son once I begin your program and again give my full-time energy to dentistry. I have also developed a great sense of community due to my two years of volunteer work with the Jain Center of Greater Boston.

I hope to excel in your distinguished DDS Program not only as a result of the fact that I am an extremely hard worker. I have the full support of my family, but also because of my great passion for technology, everything that is high tech and has to do with dentistry, especially dental materials, as this is what I read about most in my spare time. There are a lot of dentists in India; still, in terms of dental technology, in particular, I lament the way that my country lags so far behind the Developed World. My central professional plan as a graduate of your program and someone dedicated to pursuing my calling as long as I can, another 50 years or so at least, is to practice dentistry in both of my home countries, India and the USA. I hope that I will find increasing find time to return to India as the years go by and that I will be able to be of some service to my profession in terms of helping dentists find access to, acquire, and use new dental technology in the most effective way possible.

At some point, I dream of opening a state-of-the-art dental office in India where I could use the latest technology and dental materials, everything that I have learned about and perfected here in America. I also look forward to devoting much of my life working to promoting oral hygiene. In addition to staying actively engaged in my support of dental camps in my home country, I would also be greatly honored to teach dental professionals in India someday.

I am the first person to become a dentist in my family since we come from a poor village in India. In fact, the lack of oral health awareness and care in my own rural community, and the impact that this had on the lives of my own immediate and extended family—in fact, the community as a whole—was the principal inspiration that drove me on to become a dentist. The cost of dental care in my neighborhood was simply out of reach for most people. A shallow level of awareness of the need for dental hygiene results in great suffering for my community of origin, young and old. The fact that I am the first dentist in my family is an outstanding achievement for me not only because of my humble origins but also the fact that I am a woman, making it more difficult than ever to succeed since tremendous pressure is still brought to bear on girls in India to give up the idea of professional dreams and to be content with a supportive, family role in life. It is my own struggle, as well as that of my community, that have motivated me most to succeed. And my humble origins have also served to inspire my sensitivity towards and compassion for the underserved.

I thank you for considering my application.

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