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Blog posts : "DDS International Indian Women"

Indian Woman Dentist, Implantology, Dental Education

Now married and permanently relocated to the USA, I am a dentist from India who hopes to resume her career here in America by completing your DDS/DMD Program for Internationally trained dentists. I hope to be chosen not only because I am an experienced and very hard working dentist, but also because…

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DDS International Advanced Standing, Indian Woman

My spirit of growth has always been the cornerstone of my development; as an Indian woman, a very hard-working dentist, and someone who is making a success of the immigrant experience to America. My aptitude in the natural sciences, coupled with a very high level of motivation, resulted in being ad…

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DDS, Indian Woman Dentist, Mother

As a dentist from India, I have long been immersed in the study of oral health care in my country, provoked by the sheer shock of learning, as a dental student, that my country has a high rate of oral cancer in the world. Mainly since I have permanently settled in America and have also become a …

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DDS Indian Woman Dentist in USA

A young woman and an experienced dentist trained in my country of origin, India, I feel strongly that I have a lot to give to the dental profession here in America since the USA is my new permanent home: with a lot of potentials to excel, especially in the area of pediatric dentistry. I have been s…

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DDS, Dental Pain, Indian Woman

At school as a child, our teacher read us a chapter entitled “the lost childhood” about a boy residing in a city attacked by military forces. His mother delivered a baby the same day. She was very pale and too weak to walk. So she could not leave the city and ordered the boy to escape with his litt…

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DDS International, Indian Woman Doctor

As a young woman and a dentist from India, now making my permanent home in America due to my marriage, I am pleased to have so much work ahead of me. My country, India, is projected to overtake China as the world's most populous country within a few decades, and the lack of dental care that is cu…

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DDS International, New Mother from India

Now 26 years old with a new baby boy, I am a dentist from India with four years of experience immersed in my calling as a dentist, two years whole time experience in India after graduating from dental school, and now two years of preparation to enter your Advanced Standing DDS Program for Internati…

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