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Dental School, Orthodontist Hero, Shadowing

My foremost hero as a child was my orthodontist. I especially appreciated him because he was the fifth orthodontist that we went to and the only one of the five who was willing to help me at a price that my parents could afford. As a result of my Orthodontics treatment, my self-esteem improved. Afte…

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MDS Masters Orthodontics, Saudi Arabian Applicant

I am a young Saudi Arabian man who is very devoted to his calling, dentistry, especially Orthodontics. I am applying to your particularly distinguished MDS program at the University of XXXX because I hope to be accepted to a program on the cutting-edge of Orthodontics. My long-term goal is to dis…

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MDS Orthodontics, Master of Dental Science

I pursue excellence with unrelenting academic fervor. My track record since entering university has been near-perfect. Countless accolades, awards, scholarships, and memberships with professional organizations abound in my academic career.  I bring this obsessive need for excellence to the field of …

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