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Blog posts : "CAAPID Indian"

DDS International Dentist Program, Indian Dentist

XXXX University is my first choice among DDS Programs for International Dentists because of the sheer excellence of your program and the fact that your university has the most diverse student population in the entire country. A dentist from India, I thrive on diversity and have made it a central the…

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CAAPID, Indian Applicant with MPH

Now 24 years old, I was born, raised, and became a practicing dentist in India. Soon, I will be finishing my MPH Degree here in America. Continuing my career with the DDS/DMD Degree will complete my professional education to prepare me to make my maximum contribution to dentistry here in America an…

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CAAPID, Experienced Dental Surgeon, India

A dentist trained in India, observing and volunteering in dental clinics here in the USA, has been among my highest moments so far here in America. I plan to make my permanent home or at least my base of operations. I have been visiting the United States for extended periods since 2010, learning as…

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