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DDS Dental School, Hispanic, Latino, Mexico

I am a young Latino man, born in San Francisco and raised mainly in San Jose; most of my education has taken place in California, except my dental degree, granted in July of 2007, from the University of XXXX School of Dentistry in Mexico. I completed my Bachelor's Degree in December of 2001; human biology was my major with a minor in chemistry.

My first choice for dental school is the University of XXXX School of Dentistry because the location is excellent for me, with my family nearby, a place where I am very comfortable and can devote my all to the program without having to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings. I look forward to studying all aspects of dentistry and becoming a highly competent dentist licensed to practice dentistry in the USA. The core values of the XXXX School suggest that I am an excellent match for this program. Public service is my highest ideal, which is why I am especially pleased that humanism is seen as of such fundamental importance for your program, along with reflection, stewardship, and philanthropy. The XXXX School represents my own life's mission to serve not only my community but society at large, networking and collaborating towards a more humane world through more smiling faces. The most vital feature of my application is my character, integrity, and responsibility, which I see as the foremost basis of achievement, the realization of one's dreams, prosperity, and, above all, service to others.

I came to Mexico as a youthful adventure, experiment, a search for roots, and a way to better relate to the less fortunate members of our community of the Americas. Being a Latino dentist is fundamental to my sense of self. I wish to progress towards being qualified for licensure here in the United States as well as Mexico, because it is my dream to someday contribute heavily to, if not develop, programs for enhancing cross-cultural missions involving Mexicans who are very much in need of dental care and cooperative ventures between doctors of dentistry on both sides of the border.

My long-term goal is to become a doctor of dental surgery with a practice in San Diego and do volunteer work south of the border. By practicing in the First World and donating my time as an organizer of dental missionaries to Mexico, I hope to also have the opportunity in the future to reflect upon and write about my experiences, helping others who are struggling in the area of Christian or philanthropic ventures in the provision of dental care to poor people in the Third World. I am also concerned with the extremely high percentage of Latinos living north of the border who forgo dental care.

I look forward to someday starting my own non-profit organization and mission for Latin America and undocumented immigrants in the U.S., collaborating with Christ Jesus. I am the son of a dentist and have long been very active in the Christian missionary tradition in which I was raised, especially since the age of 15, and mainly in Mexico. I am someone who feels strongly that the divine spirit directs us first and foremost to those who are most poor among us and this is the center of my joy and my union with the Lord.

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