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Blog posts : "Hispanic Applicant"

DDS International, Dentist from Brazil

The family has always been the most critical factor in my life. I am pleased and proud of the fact that I was born into and raised by a family of professionals linked to healthcare. In fact, this aspect of my family is an integral part of our sense of identity. My father, mother, and aunt are all m…

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DDS International, Bilingual, Dominican Republic

A dentist from the Dominican Republic and a devoutly religious person in my interior, I honor God through the practice of my profession; thus, I seek to become the most effective and compassionate dentist possible with a philosophy based exclusively on patient needs. The strongest part of my applic…

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DDS Dental School, Hispanic, Latino, Mexico

I am a young Latino man, born in San Francisco and raised mainly in San Jose; most of my education has taken place in California, except my dental degree, granted in July of 2007, from the University of XXXX School of Dentistry in Mexico. I completed my Bachelor's Degree in December of 2001; human b…

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