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DDS, Pakistani Woman Dentist in New York

I grew up with a highly refined aesthetic based on the manual arts and an appreciation for beauty instilled in me by my parents. I also knew early on that I wanted to be a professional in the healing arts and work in the area of health. Dentistry has given me a platform to take advantage of my artistic passions at the same time that I can heal, prevent disease, and bring a smile to those I serve.

I became motivated to become a dentist because I sought a career in service, and I could think of no more critically important service that I could perform than providing dental care. My longstanding admiration of dentists and doctors has been very much reaffirmed here in America, and I hope to come to my complete fruition as a dentist here in America by earning the DDS Degree. One of the reasons that I have fallen so very much in love with the health care system in America was the way that my father was cared for. During my family vacation to New York in the summer of 2012—interrupting my postgraduate studies—my father, only 63, collapsed unexpectedly from an acute cardiac event and was rushed to the hospital. Despite being a guest in the US, he was treated with the utmost care and compassion and provided with the highest quality of treatment available. His doctors even secured his insurance coverage and ensured his proper recovery before discharge. It was then that I witnessed first-hand the sincere value for human life that characterizes the health professions in America, regardless of gender, age, race, or socioeconomic background. My father passed away three months after his ordeal, but I shall always be highly thankful for the precious extra months that his doctors in New York gave to him, to us. If I am accepted to your program and earn the DDS Degree, I will put it to work it will be in honor of my father and the country that has allowed me to experience the cutting-edge of both dentistry and medicine up close, as it would ideally be practiced everywhere.

First and foremost, I want to devote my life career to the pursuit of additional study, research, and publication in Endodontics; becoming a professional that not only practices dentistry, but also builds and maintains creative ties with the academic world, teaching as well as practicing later on in my career. I am passionate about learning everything that I can, as much as I can, and as fast as I can, about advanced dental procedures and recent advancements in dentistry, particularly concerning Endodontics. I seek to excel as part of a noble profession, enhancing my personal as well as professional growth at the same time that I give something back to society.

Throughout my internship in Connecticut in 2013, my goal was to learn and absorb everything that I could, and I achieved that goal, especially in the areas of patient evaluation and management. One thing in particular that helped me to excel in my internship in Connecticut was the entire year of professional experience that I had working for my dental college as a demonstrator while still in Pakistan. I also attended various dental workshops and became certified in the Management of Medical Emergencies, Behavioral Sciences OSPE, and Infection Control, as well as preparing and delivering conference presentations on topics such as Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth, and Sequelae of Prolonged Complete Denture Use, among others.

Following a residency experience in which I gave my all, I joined a post-graduate program in Operative Dentistry in Pakistan, where I further honed my skills in patient management and cultivated what I feel to be my almost innate sense of empathy for those who come to me for treatment. During this time, along with my supervisor, we treated nearly 300 patients daily, vastly improving my dental instrumentation and especially my time management skills. In 2013, following my father’s death, and as a direct result of seeing the type of care he received, I volunteered as a General Dentist at my parent’s small private hospital, treating patients and assisting with hospital management.

Since I am currently completing a 150-hour volunteer observership in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department and General Dentistry at XXXX Hospital Center , where I have been exposed to numerous dental cases, from sinus lifting, to implant supported complete and partial dentures. I have also been attending conferences on issues such as guided tissue regeneration and spending a lot of time observing in the operation theater. My recent experiences in the USA make me increasingly passionate about precision, the struggle for perfection, and the priority of putting patients first. I feel most confident that my recent experience here in America will enable me to hit the ground running and distinguish myself in your competitive program.

I hope to practice dentistry here in America as well as constantly maintain a connection to Pakistan, advancing professionally in my career as a result of completing your distinguished DDS program, which will inspire me and provide me with the tools that I need to practice dentistry on the global cutting-edge. I also hope to help the advancement of dentistry in Pakistan, with its myriad challenges and problems, for the rest of my professional life, probably when I am older and free to devote myself full time to volunteer work.

I thank you for considering my application.

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