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Foreign-Trained Dentist, DDS/DMD, Filipino-American

Moving to the Philippines in order to qualify and then to practice was an ‘eye opening’ experience. Having been born and raised in the US to Filipino parents, I was unsure what to expect but was very surprised by the differences in attitudes to dentistry. For most people in the Philippines, a visit …

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DDS International Applicant from Ukraine

The intervention of skilled dentists has made a dramatic difference in my life and this is why I feel very strongly drawn to the profession. I want to acquire the skills and knowledge to be able to make a similar difference in others’ lives.  I suffered from Temporomandubular Disorder (TMJ), becau…

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DDS, Pakistani Woman Dentist in New York

I grew up with a highly refined esthetic sense based in the manual arts and appreciation for beauty instilled in me by my parents. I also knew early on that I wanted to be a professional in the healing arts and work in the area of health. Dentistry has given me a platform to take advantage of my a…

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DDS International, Ukrainian Applicant

The best 11 years of my life so far were spent in my home country, Ukraine, serving as a dentist in a state-run polyclinic. Our partially state-funded clinics operated on a sliding scale basis so that almost everyone could afford to pay, far less than the cost of dental care in the private sector.…

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International Dentist, Political Refugee, Bhutan

I am a dentist who was granted permanent residency when I came to the United States one year ago as a political refugee fleeing, along with my family, the ethnic cleansing taking place in our native Bhutan. Now, I feel it is my calling to serve this beautiful new land that has adopted me; I want t…

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