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DDS International, Bilingual, Dominican Republic

A dentist from the Dominican Republic and a devoutly religious person in my interior, I honor God through the practice of my profession; thus, I seek to become the most effective and compassionate dentist possible with a philosophy based exclusively on patient needs. The strongest part of my application to your highly competitive dentistry program at the University of Minnesota is probably my determination to devote the bulk of my professional life and energy to research and practice in the prevention of dental diseases, along with my extensive experience in dentistry in the DR before immigrating permanently to the USA in 20XX?.

Among the intensive dentistry experiences that I enjoyed in the DR were my ten months of service at a trauma hospital and more than six years working for the DR’s Department of Public Health, where I had extensive opportunities to interact with the underserved. At the same time, I also built and operated a private practice in my hometown, Nagua, and stayed busy with many dentistry-related volunteer activities.

Since arriving in the USA, I have worked as a dental assistant. Thus, I am highly confident that I will be able to hit the ground running and excel in your distinguished Advanced Placement Dentistry Program at the University of XXXX since my extensive experience here in the USA working as a dental assistant has enabled me to become thoroughly conversant concerning the latest trends in dentistry practice here in America. I hope ultimately to specialize in implantology, seeking to contribute to the improvement of procedures at the same time that we put technological advancement at the service of those who most need it, especially older people on fixed incomes. I make it a point to stay abreast of developments in implantology, and I also hope to publish in this area at some point in the future as well.

After earning my DDS and practicing dentistry here in the USA, I plan to again become highly active in advancing the cause of oral health education and preventive dentistry. The fact that I spent extensive time working with the underserved as a dentist with the Department of Public Health in the DR resulted in my becoming a witness to the great suffering caused by our abysmal performance at the task of providing our people with oral health services. Every day I saw numerous children and teenagers with mouths full of decayed permanent teeth, resulting in great pain and loss of self-esteem. They did not even have a way to get these teeth safely extracted. Yet, access to adequate dental care and, most of all, proper oral hygiene education could have prevented nearly all of this suffering.  I also continue to learn more almost every day about how many people in the USA also have limited access to care, especially undocumented residents.

I look forward to practicing dentistry in both countries and responding to the great need in the USA for bilingual English/Spanish dentists whose heart is in service to those who most need their care.

Some of my happiest days were spent volunteering in several dental outreach programs in Nagua and teaching oral hygiene to kids as a member of the Club XXXX. Having sought and cultivated balance in the spiritual, social, and family spheres of my life, I find deep serenity and joy in dentistry. Since I was a child, I used to love walking through a small park full of flowers, the natural colors, and contrasts. Since I see my calling as at least in part a natural artistic gift, those flowers continue to impregnate my mind; in my patient’s smile, I always note the beautiful combination of color, shape, movement, and light.

The dentist that I had as a child became an almost instant role model on my first visit. Her caring and loving manner was something that I found instantly contagious. Thankfully, early on, as my dream of becoming a dentist emerged, my entire family was very supportive of the idea, which further galvanized this vision that became a reality, my dream come true. Educated by nuns in a rigorous environment, hard-working parents, and exemplary older brothers helped to keep me on track and free to realize my dream. Nothing made me happier than standing out academically in dental school, especially in anatomy, pathology, and pharmacology.

My first experience as a dentist was concentrated in a small village with very few medical resources, and extreme, brutal poverty compounded by the lack of educational opportunity. In addition to my service to the local population, I also conducted several dental brigades that included a focus on preventive dental care, serving all kinds of patients, including Haitians as well as Dominicans who were homeless. While working at a large hospital, I attended to patients with various maxilla facial pathologies, which allowed me to perfect my hand skills. Furthermore, since arriving in the USA, I have assisted with thousands of routine procedures and sometimes even complicated vital work, including aesthetic and implant dentistry.

I continuously push myself to the edge, participating in dental congresses, attending lectures, and discussing dental procedures and new technology with the dentists where I work.  In my spare time, I enjoy a variety of hobbies: reading, music, growing fruits, and vegetables, exploring local culture, and taking photos of the city, of Brooklyn, NY, where we currently live. I have encountered many Latino immigrants here who lack access to proper dental care, and this has also inspired me to become part of a solution to this problem. It would be a great privilege and honor for me to become part of your academic community at the University of XXXX, with such great diversity in your student body and your progressive spirit.

I thank you for considering my application to your DDS Advanced Placement Program at the University of XXXX.

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