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DDS, Immigrant Father, Korean Applicant

My father is a dentist, and I was a frequent visitor to his office from my earliest years. This family connection to dentistry positively influenced my career choice, but I wanted to be sure before making a final decision carefully as I considered dentistry along with some alternatives. I had observed my father’s dedication to his patients and to dentistry, and I knew that I wanted to be involved in helping people and soon found myself most attracted to a career in healthcare.

 I chose biology as my primary undergraduate subject to leave my options open to some extent but to ensure that I would be prepared for a career in some aspect of healthcare. My decision to pursue dentistry was reached, once I graduated, when I considered the importance of the smile. In all cultures, a smile is a priceless asset, and the idea of smiling at someone, or enhancing the one someone already has, was enormously appealing; I was also attracted by the variety of dentistry’s other aspects; diagnostic, pain relief, preventative, as well as reparative and esthetic. My decision has been reached after long and careful consideration.

 My experience as a researcher has assisted with various vital projects during my undergraduate studies and in my work since graduation. I have acted as a team leader in research groups, which has provided me with team leadership skills, the ability to prioritize and allocate tasks, and in marshaling research findings. My final undergraduate research project related to drug absorption and the effects on comparative absorption of two competing drugs in human physiology, this will be directly helpful in my dental studies, and the experience has enhanced my problem-solving skills that will apply to diagnostics.

I look forward to assisting in dental research during the program. I am particularly interested in doing so in the field of orthodontics, where the new techniques and materials being developed are incredibly fascinating.

 I have sought to prepare myself and gain further understanding of the circumstances in US dentistry, by shadowing an experienced and skillful family and cosmetic dentist, Dr. XXXXand has worked with him for over 50 hours. I have closely observed all the routine work of a dentist and his assistants and how they organize effectively in performing dental procedures. I have observed crown and bridge work and implant surgery, all of which I learned the most sophisticated dental techniques today. I have been impressed by the care and skill and the positive relationships he has with his patients. Through this experience, I decided to aim to emulate this Dr. XXXX as well as my father, which fully confirmed me my choice of career.

 I have undertaken voluntary work in teaching math and science to elementary school children after school program called PipStart. This experience has been enriching and has provided excellent additional training in the application of patience and persistence in reaching goals. I enjoy teaching and believe that I have some natural ability as a teacher; thus, I would hope to become involved someday in teaching dental students, once I am qualified. I particularly enjoy working with children very much and am aware that many poor children suffer from untreated dental problems.  I intend, therefore, to devote time to providing free child dental clinics for underprivileged children together with education in primary dental care.

 I am aware that cultural sensitivity is significant in healthcare provision, and though I am not widely traveled, I am interested in other cultures in sharing information about my own. I came to the U.S. to experience different cultures, and I learned through living with my classmates in multicultural backgrounds during high school. I have happily studied and socialized with people from many different cultural and social environments through college, and I look forward to extending this experience during the program.

 I am aware that the program will be highly demanding; I have carefully considered the commitment that will be required of me and commit myself to apply myself diligently and devotedly to it in order not only to qualify but to excel in the program and to add value to my class.

 I know that dental programs attract many well-qualified applicants, and I believe I am an excellent candidate. I have been exposed to dentistry since early childhood and am familiar with its demands; much of my bachelor's degree studies are directly relevant; my academic scores will assure as to my ability to succeed in the program; I am an experienced and skilled researcher; I have carefully prepared myself for the program by spending a significant period shadowing a professional dentist. However, my main recommendation is a passion for dentistry and for helping people by becoming an excellent, highly skilled, and caring practitioner.

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