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Masters Program in Endodontics, Ukrainian Dentist

I first became a nurse in my native Ukraine, earning my degree in 1991. By 1996, however, I was practicing dentistry, and the following year I became licensed to practice pediatric dentistry. In 2006 I earned my DDS in Canada shortly after having the honor of completing an externship in oral surgery in Connecticut. Earning a Master’s Degree in Endodontics by completing your distinguished program will put the final educational touches on a career in dentistry that I see as having prepared me to excel in your schedule, in particular, on the cutting edge of endodontics. I fully expect to excel in your program because of the great familiarity that I have with endodontics, including reading in this area in my free time.

I have spent the last seven years serving as a dentist at the XXXX (pop. 4500) Dental Clinics in XXXX, Canada, working as well for other dentists here in Canada for shorter periods, and for five years in my native Ukraine in a private clinic before moving to the West. I like to think of myself as a cosmopolitan young woman who thrives on diversity. In addition to immigrating to Canada, I have also had the pleasure of spending significant amounts of time in the USA, the Dominican Republic, Great Britain, the Netherland, Belgium, France, and Austria. I feel strongly that I have what it takes to distinguish myself in your program because of the way that I cherish my dreams and my high level of determination in the relentless pursuit of state-of-art dentistry.

A dedicated and independent learner, I have long labored to prepare a solid foundation for the future by putting extra effort into my studies and my work, providing me with a stable platform for lifelong learning. Highly motivated, I have worked very hard to succeed as a professional, always in search of the magic combination of knowledge, and research, 3-5 years studying medicine followed by five years of dental school in the Ukraine, two years earning my DDS at XXXX University, and one year of Pediatric Internship.  I now have nine years of experience as a practicing dentist, complemented by two years of research as a DDS student.

Many of my peers and colleagues have confirmed that studying at your esteemed university would be an invaluable privilege, an opportunity to excel as never before, taking full advantage of the numerous resources associated with your program and the surrounding area.  If given a chance, I assure you that I will share my all in my studies with complete dedication and diligence so that I might be in a position to make noteworthy contributions to class discussions and student fellowship.

Since much of my heart is still back in the Ukraine, it is my hope for the future, especially in terms of my long term goals, to not only practice dentistry for many decades to come in the USA but also to return to the Ukraine where I hope to have the profound pleasure of teaching Endodontics to future generations of dentists and oral surgeons.

I thank you for considering me for your competitive program. 

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