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DDS Admission, Non-Traditional Indian, Comp-Sci

I feel that I am a strong candidate for dental school, with a 4.0 post-bachelor GPA, a Masters's Degree in Computer Science, and a 98.7 percentile ranking on the DAT. I am a non-traditional applicant at 33 years old, but I have several assets that I believe will enable me to make a unique contribution to the field of dentistry. With many years of experience in dentistry as a business manager and implant sales representative, I have developed a detailed understanding of dentistry, especially implants. I believe that completing dental school will serve to propel me to the cutting edge of new technological advances in dental care with a humanitarian emphasis. I have already completed the basic science requirements for dental school and will soon be starting two more advanced biology courses.

 Seven years ago, I accepted a position as the lead software developer for a group of dentists, designing paradigms of practice management software. When my assignment as a software developer was fulfilled, the CEO of the dental group offered me a management role, and I decided to accept the challenge of managing multiple dental practices. From the beginning, my interest in the clinical aspects of dentistry was central to my success as a manager. These last few years, working as an implant sales representative, has provided me with an in-depth exposure to many of the dynamics and challenges faced by the profession since I have assisted and supported numerous dentists in the intricacies of implant surgery. The happiness of helping people to smile with pride is absolutely priceless. The profound joy that I have found in my service has been the main reason why I have been a very successful sales representative. From exhaustive investigations of implant technology to creating educational materials for patients, I have worked tirelessly to provide cutting-edge service for dentists and patients alike.

I was born and raised in India, where I lived and studied for the first 22 years of my life. Now very much a part of the American melting pot, my ethnic background, and linguistic abilities have helped me to appreciate the vast diversity of America fully and to build excellent rapport with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. I feel strongly that the variety of my education and professional experiences will help me to excel in your program and contribute to my long-term contribution to the field of dentistry.

I especially enjoy interacting with patients. One morning, I found myself in a dental operatory alone with a patient, my mother’s age, getting ready to place six implants in the mandible for an implant-supported denture.  I came to assist in the procedure and went through final checks of the surgical motor and kit. I could see that she was highly anxious and soon began to ask me questions regarding the procedure. While, of course, I made sure that she understood that I was not a dentist, I explained the dental implant method and the preferred outcome – that if everything went fine, she would have her denture permanently fixed in her jaw, leading to a smile that looks and feels very natural, “like her own teeth.” I was happy to note that towards the end of our conversation, she was confident and comfortable. Contributing to her happiness left me both proud and humbled. I also found enormous satisfaction when the dentist thanked me for my initiative, insight, and my calming touch, which served to make the procedure smoother. This is one of many moments, frozen in time, which have contributed to my desire to become a dentist myself.  I have become addicted to the joy of helping people smile with pride and it is to this cause that I wish to devote my life, especially helping elderly people with low incomes. 

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