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Pediatric Dentist Indian, Sample LOR

To Whom It May Concern,

I am thrilled to write this letter of reference in support of Dr. XXXX for admission to your Dental School. My professional association with Dr. XXXX was between 2007 and 2009, when she worked with me in my multi-specialty dental practice. She is extremely proficient in her work and consistently contributed her utmost to highly successful treatment outcomes.

Her strong clinical and technical skills, combined with her excellent interpersonal and communication skills, have helped to make her an outstanding practitioner of dental medicine. I have observed her dedication up close and appreciated her enthusiasm for learning new concepts in our fast-evolving field, and then applying what she knows in her practice. She has discussed with me several times her long-term objective of further advanced studies in dentistry in the USA in a cutting-edge program such as yours. I could not be more confident in her ability to excel and distinguish herself, being a credit to your distinguished program.

XXXX is excellent in delivering quality dental care with root canals, as well as with prosthetic crown bridges and therapeutic techniques in general. She is also keenly adept at many surgical procedures, including impaction. An excellent observer and a quick learner, she can quickly implement advances in major surgical and technical systems. As a result, she successfully assisted many of the consulting surgeons of varied specializations in my dental clinic, working primarily on surgical implants, Osseo-integrated flap surgeries, orthognathic corrections, etc. She also participated in many community dental services programs and managed a wide range of oral screening and promotion campaigns for oral hygiene. Also, I am incredibly confident about her clinical organization and management skills. Knowing her abilities, often, I gave her the responsibility of my entire clinic, when I needed to be away. Her excellent organizational and personal, interpersonal relations skills with our patients dramatically improved our patient inflow making a lasting impression on our entire team.

XXXX is mature, friendly, and helpful with a well-balanced personal and professional life. I strongly support her in her mission to foster knowledge and skills in dentistry to the level of American Standards as we need vast improvement here in India, and we appreciate the advanced training in the West that are outstanding graduates such as XXXX can receive. I am confident that she will prove to be a very successful student and benefit immensely from your program.


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