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If you were to observe the patients in the waiting room of a dentist’s office in the US, you would probably see a group of relaxed-looking people reading magazines. If you looked at the queue of those waiting for treatment at a free dental camp in India, you would see many swollen, and pain-filled faces. I have assisted at several such centers, and I have felt privileged to have done so and to have been rewarded by the smiles of relief of patients as they went home.

 My early dental experience convinced me of the importance of preventative education since many conditions that we treated were highly preventable. I am keen to promote primary dental health education in the future, both in India and in the US. I am also determined to give some of my time to providing free dental services to those unable to afford them and to treat them with the same respect and care that would be given to the most critical or wealthy patients.

 I was drawn to the idea of a career in dentistry because of a girl I knew when I was at school. Her teeth were in a terrible state; she was afraid not only to smile but was reluctant even to speak; she had no confidence and seemed to be alone most of the time. I saw her by chance after a gap of a year or two, and she was transformed; her teeth had been veneered. She was pretty, smiling, confident, and obviously happy. This experience fired an interest in dentistry, and this increased when I considered the several aspects of dentistry: prevention, pain relief, diagnosis, and esthetic. Here was a way that I could be helpful in the world. I had always wanted to ‘make a difference rather than merely ‘make a living, and this seemed to be an excellent way to do it.

 In 2003 I was accepted into one of the most prestigious dental schools in India straight from school, and this was a very positive experience; I enjoyed my studies, especially the practical work and interaction with patients. I was always among the top 10 in my class; I received academic awards and was elected to serve as secretary of the Students’ Association. I began my career in 2007 and gained vast practical experience and assisted senior dentists with complex treatments.

 Since moving to the US, I have undertaken an observership to keep in touch and learn about the dental environment in this country, and I now feel ready to join the program to enable me to practice here. It is my hope, eventually, to specialize in orthodontics.

 I know that there will be many well-qualified applicants for the program. However, I do consider myself to be an excellent candidate. I have excelled in my dental studies to date, which will confirm my diligence and ability; it is my firm intention to excel in the program if selected. I have significant experience in treating patients while in training and since qualifying and in assisting in complex treatments. Most importantly, I offer a passionate desire to extend and broaden my skills and knowledge.

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