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DDS International Dentist, Endodontics, Indian

Many people dream of doing great things in their lives, and genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of others.  Coming from India, I have seen firsthand the true meaning of healthcare disparities, have met people who have never seen a medical professional before, and am all too familiar with the realities of the general lack of preventative medicine.  My wife and I decided to no longer wonder who would make a difference.  We are that someone; our goals are set, and now we are taking steps to bring our dreams to reality.

Earning my DDS, specializing in Endodontics, and solidifying my oral cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment skills will enable me to assist in my wife’s mobile dental van program.  By offering the community free oral cancer screenings, we will be actively reducing the incidence of oral cancers. Where we cannot prevent them, we will be able to treat and motivate patients to become active participants in their own oral health.  We aim to make our program international, through the XXXX charitable trust, named after my own father.

Coming to America to further myself was a choice based on wanting to immerse myself in a quality educational situation, gain exposure to the latest dental technologies, and, most notably, in a country where the opportunities are near endless for those willing to commit themselves to their goals.  Upon earning my DDS, and concentrating on Endodontic dentistry, upon building my experiences in the field, I envision joining with the faculty of a dental college, work that I have some experience in from India, where I was able to bring real-world examples earned in the field to tomorrow’s dental professionals.  As an Endodontist, and in conjunction with my wife’s work, and the trust we are establishing, we envision opening a multi-specialty hospital, “Sankalp,” which means, “Oath,” in my homeland of India. 

 Serving the poor, the sick, and the needy of rural villages in India through medical tourism as well as the uninsured, at-risk, or socio-economically depressed US populations are our aims.  To meet this challenge, and to prepare for the opportunity of a DDS program, I have enrolled in an MBA program focusing on healthcare administration, an excellent primer for learning invaluable healthcare management skills.  In the most practical terms, I speak four languages fluently, and am learning Spanish to reach out to my patients in their arterial languages.

 I bring with me to the student body and DDS program a solid foundation in Dental science, earned in India.  Moreover, my MBA in Healthcare Administration has given me valuable insights into creating my business plan for opening a multi-specialty clinic that incorporates medical and dental tourism.  In terms of my practical professional Dental exposure, for the past five months, I have been conducting an internship in a Dental clinic, absorbing all I can about the managing of the office and the US Dental insurance system.  In addition, I am conducting an externship with Dr. XXXX, DDS, in whose office I have been working half-time as a Dental Assistant since November of last year.  The experience has been unique, and has found me assisting with diagnoses, treatment plans, and assisting with implants, root canal treatments, and extractions.

 Any Dentist holds a trusted role in their community, and is in a position to give back.  To this end, I have led an active volunteer schedule.  During my one-year internship in India, I participated in many free oral cancer screening camps in rural areas arranged by my school.  Additionally, we conducted free oral check-ups and educated people in preventative oral care.  It was then that I began planning my own career and philanthropic goals.  In India, I also worked with XXXX in their campaign for free vaccinations for children.  To date, I continue my volunteerism in the US with the IDA.

 More than this, though, I bring my maturity, focus and certainty in what I am doing, where I am going, and to whom I want to dedicate my energy, all that I am, for my tomorrow and those that dream of a better tomorrow.  The field of Dentistry offers countless opportunities, but standing in the middle of it, one cannot see its edges.  It is my aim to make it that much bigger.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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