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DDS International, Pediatric Dentistry, Indian Woman

Children have always been the great light in my life, bringing me the greatest joy. This is why, as a dentist, I hope to give my professional life to children, in particular, and to distinguish myself in the future in Pediatric Dentistry. Hand in hand with my love for children flows my great passion for research concerning how to prevent tooth decay at a very young.

A dentist from India, I married a wonderful man in the USA in March, 2013. Since that time, I have been living in America. I work as a consultant for XXXX, providing services to Life Science organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Merck, etc. This position has been enormously beneficial to me as I have learned a great deal about health care structures, challenges, and resources in America.

At the center of my professional, emotional, and spiritual life, stands a child with a toothache. By earning the DSS and realizing my dream of being in a position to advance with a lifetime specialization in Pediatric Dentistry, I hope to make the entire contribution possible, especially on a relative level between the US and India, the two countries I know best.

My highest moments in life so far have been as a dental volunteer both back in India and also since I have been making my new home here in the USA, providing check-ups and free treatment to school children from families with limited resources. Building upon my 12 years of volunteer service at the XXXX Temple in Mumbai, I have also volunteered for over a year as a mentor for children and collegians at the XXXX Temple in New Jersey.

For almost a year now, I have been shadowing and assisting several different dentists near where I live in New Jersey, and I could not be more excited by my acclimation to state-of-the-art dentistry. I have been able to hit the ground running, in part, because I am an experienced dentist who came to America only after long hours of service for almost two years, right up until the time that I flew to America, including eight months with XXXX, a corporate dental chain. I also worked for a private dental clinic.

I like very much to think of myself as a global citizen with a worldwide outlook. It pleases me that I am almost as well-traveled as I am well-read, having visited Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, Mauritius, and Dubai. As an expression of our faith as part of the Swaminarayan religion, we follow the guidance of our gurus (monks), which help us to develop our spiritual understanding further, enabling us to make wise life decisions. Once upon a time, a few of our gurus were in Europe visiting devotees and were invited to visit a Mercedes car manufacturing plant. During the tour of the manufacturing facility, the tour guide boasted impressive figures concerning safety features that have saved many lives. They left pondering, however, the fact that 80% of accidents are a result of human error, making poor – often split-second - decisions. At the same time that I am a dentist, I also seek to become a spiritual leader concerning good decision-making in diet and oral health care for the community that I serve.

My religious organization is a beautiful vehicle that provides me with enormous outreach opportunities in oral health awareness and action through their charity organizations. I am already well engaged in this area here in the US as a Health Fair organizer for BAPS. Serving my society has always been my top priority. I've also taught math and science to students from middle school through college for almost ten years now.

My experience working at several dental camps in India drives me forward and defines my professional identity for life, especially concerning children in schools. I could not feel more convinced that insufficient focus is placed on prevention. BAPS is at the forefront of the war on tobacco in India, and I personally spent eight years going from door to door in rural as well as urban areas asking people about their addictions and consumption habits. This included talking to cab drivers, fast food stand owners, etc. For the past five years, I have been training children to do the same. Since 2010, I have provided leadership for this program where about 10,000 kids in India go to homes to meet people, asking them about their addictions and encouraging them to give up their tobacco addictions.

I, too, look forward to becoming a guru, in my own way, as a dentist; I also want to be a spiritual leader in my community, blazing a trail forward in the struggle against poor consumption habits, including the abuse of alcohol and food as well as tobacco. All of those around me share my deep conviction that children need to be made aware of the profoundly negative consequences of lousy consumption habits at a very early age – particularly concerning white sugar. 

I look forward to a long professional life giving my all to the practice of dentistry, particularly pediatric dentistry, at the same time that I give my all on the front lines for public education efforts in the areas of oral health and hygiene, especially as it concerns children.

I thank you for considering my application to your highly competitive program.

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