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DDS: Dental School Korean, Biomedical Engineering

I would visit my father's dental clinic every Friday after school as I was growing up in Korea. I often went to see my aunt and uncle, who also ran a dental clinic. I feel as if the practice of dentistry is in my blood, part of my heritage. I am privileged to have grown up in a family of professionals dedicated to delivering compassionate care. I am thankful that they taught me to treasure the idea of making significant, daily contributions to improving the lives of others, especially helping them to have greater confidence and self-esteem. Thus, I seek to carry on the family tradition here in North America, where we have lived for the last 13 years, and contribute to our community.

For over a decade, I have maintained a conceptual continuity in my academic, professional, and volunteer activities, all geared to the lifelong investigation of Biomedical Engineering and the practice of Dentistry with a humanitarian emphasis. I have made great strides in developing my manual dexterity, analytical thinking skills, and empathy, coupled with my compassion for others. Earning my DDS will enable me to realize my lifelong dream of serving our community.

I see myself as developing a solid academic foundation for a lifetime of research and contribution to innovation in Dentistry. I seek to combine cutting-edge research with the study and implementation of philanthropic initiatives. I hope to open a Dental clinic that specializes in providing care to members of immigrant and minority communities and to help them to finance their care, as well as educate them about the importance of preventative measures and community awareness of the importance of dental hygiene. I think that my own immigrant experiences have made me especially sensitive to the unique needs of immigrant and minority families and neighborhoods. It is also my intention to always maintain an active research regimen in collaboration with other Dentistry and Public Health professionals, and to serve as a role model to other Asians, inspiring them to lifetimes of cutting-edge contribution to their communities.

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