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AEGD Residency, Indian Woman

I came to the USA 4 years ago from my native India, most determined to earn the DDS. My dream has been coming true, and I will be graduating from the dental school that was my first choice next year, XXXX. Still only 27, I am full of energy and unbridled love for hard work in oral health. I feel like I have a lot to contribute to the diversity of your program as a multicultural woman from India, and I am looking forward to the opportunity of working long hours to distinguish myself.

I look forward to coming to your program as a general dentist who loves everything about general dentistry, especially the diversity.

My baby boy is 14 months old, and he has taught me to have great patience. Raising him during dental school without any family around has helped me to organize and perfect my art of multitasking. I have even performed on an honors level, in some courses; despite this extra burden, my special gift.

I earned my first dental degree in my native India, in September of 2009. I came to America the following year in 2010, and I am now a permanent resident. I came here with the explicit intention of earning the DDS, since I very much wanted a dental education on the cutting edge of our field, and I will complete my degree in June of 2015.

My contribution to the diversity of your program is enhanced by the fact that I lived in Saudi Arabia until the 8th grade. Since I studied in English and mainly spoke Hindi, my mastery of Arabic was most limited. Nevertheless, growing up in what was a foreign land, even for my parents, helped to instill in me a sense of global identity and mission, something which I have carried over into the development of my professional identity as an international dentist. While I have made the US my home, and I have wanted to practice here for many years, much of my heart is still in the Developing World; and I try to keep up with the unique challenges facing dentistry in the Third World.

I feel profound honor in not committing myself to choose a dental specialty or area of specialization. To me, general dentistry is sacred, and patients should be referred to specialists only when necessary. I see my diversity of interests as one of my greatest strengths, and I want to celebrate it forever by tackling the most varied challenges possible as a dentist. Being accepted to your distinguished AEGD Program at XXXX University will provide me with what I need the most, extensive, and intensive exposure to a wide variety of complex cases, managing them as a general dentist, and referring them to specialists only when necessary. From the beginning, I have struggled to treat every patient as a comprehensive whole, and I have thought and learned about dentistry in holistic terms.

I look forward to practicing dentistry in that fashion as well.

My application is strengthened by my extensive volunteer experience, participating in health fairs, and sometimes providing comprehensive onsite treatments. While I intend to support myself threw dentistry, community service is the central force driving my professional quest. I have a particular interest in the Indian community in America, and I hope to have again the opportunity to practice dentistry in Hindi, if this is the language in which my patient is most comfortable, as I did with some patients in India who were not most comfortable in English.

I am a member of the American Academies of Implant, Cosmetic, General, and Operative Dentistry and I read their publications faithfully as well as participate in various study club activities in the school, very seldom missing a guest lecture. I particularly enjoyed attending the annual meeting of the academy of operative dentistry in Chicago in my 3rd year of Dental School. My short-term goal is to complete your distinguished AEGD Program at XXXX University and become a better dentist every day, honing my skills in general dentistry so that I can give the very best to my patients through a lifetime of service to come. Your program will provide me with the most vital foundation possible. My long-term goal is to have my own private practice and to continue to complete continuing education courses in various fields of dentistry. I look forward to becoming a fellow and a master in the academy of general dentistry. It would be a special honor for later on to become a part-time faculty member since I especially enjoy teaching and learning through teaching. I also look forward to extensive involvement throughout my career in community service activities, volunteering for charitable programs through the American academies and the American and California Dental Associations. My greatest joy in life is providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary dental care to my patients. I am most keen on staying elbow deep in complex extractions, management of medically compromised patients, implant restorations, posterior endodontics, advanced restorative cases, advanced treatment planning, fixed prosthodontics, implant dentures, and Invisalign.

Completing your particularly distinguished AEGD Program at XXXX University will represent the crowning achievement of my professional life so far, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering my application.

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