DDS Admission, Master of Endodontology, India

I wish to enter the Master of Endodontology program at XXXX because it offers the most diverse and inclusive program in this highly specialized field. It is diverse because of its professors with their wide professional training and experience.  It is inclusive because it includes both faculty and students from a broad multicultural background.

I was born and raised in a Hindu family in a town near Bangalore, India, a bustling city of over five million inhabitants known as the IT capital of the country.   Although the city hosts some of the most sophisticated computer firms in the nation, sacred cows and occasional goats still meander through the streets munching hay.  The spires of churches, minarets and Hindu temples dot the skyline. My mother used gas to cook, however some of the people in the area still use wood burning stoves.  I can still remember coming home from school with the ambrosial fragrance of her vegetarian biryani filling the air.

My father was a plant scientist and head of the agricultural university.  He always encouraged me to flourish in my talent and abilities.  One of my father’s favorite maxims is, “Everything else in the world can be stolen, but knowledge cannot be stolen from you. “ My mother is a woman of strong character who has supported me and my sisters in our quest to fulfill our professional goals.  Both my sisters are software engineers working for multinational companies. My mom always told me to strive to do my best to achieve my full potential as a woman.  Thanks to her and my dad’s loving and kind encouragement, I was always among the top students in my class, with dental school being no exception. 

It was in dental school that I had what one might call a change in my vocational orientation. I was headed for a career in general dentistry, when I came to the realization that I loved doing root canals.  The more of them I did, the better I became at this delicate task.  The better I became at them, the more I enjoyed doing them. Since that time it has been my dream to be an endodontist of the highest level of competence--which is precisely why I have a deep burning desire to enter your program. Although we have fine dental schools in India, my professors told me that to acquire the level of skill I was seeking, I owed it to my patients and myself to go and practice and later study in the United States.  After coming here, my first goal was to become a licensed General Dentist. After successfully completing all my boards with flying colors, I immediately commenced working.

I have worked as General Dentist for more than 6 years and have gained much professional experience.  In 2006 and 2007, I was earned the Outstanding Performer in XXXX Dentistry Award for 2006 and 2007, among a field of 200 dentists.  In 2010 I was chosen as the Best Dentist in the Bay Area.  I believe that now is the time to pursue my dream of becoming an Endodontist, as I am personally and financially stable.

A couple of my favorite quotes are: “Constancy is the secret of success.” “An extraordinary man is an ordinary man with an extra amount of determination.” I have a great deal of determination to excel in the field of endodontics. You can really get a grasp on what my philosophy and practice is like by visiting my website: After working for six years in general dentistry, I feel the diverse experience I have obtained  has given me the background I need to prepare me for  obtaining the training necessary to enter the field of endodontistry.  I am quite familiar with the type of referrals endodontists receive. I know what to learn and on what to focus if I am chosen in the program.  During my general dentistry work experience, I developed more passion for root canals, as I kept on doing more and more root canals I learnt that every tooth is so different, they are so challenging, whenever I did a good root canal, I got the utmost satisfaction and that entire day I would be very happy, I get more happiness after doing root canals than doing cosmetic dentistry. After doing so many root canals, I know what the diseased pulp looks like, I understand the pulp. I understand pulpal anatomy, the best way to anesthetize the tooth, and so many other things which a fresh graduate would not have had faced or experienced in the real world, so it would be very easy for me to understand and make the best use of your endodontic program if the opportunity is given to me.

I believe that life is brief and I want to utilize my skills, knowledge to the greatest extent possible. I definitely want to serve the community by providing the highest quality treatment, continuously educating myself with new developing technologies and strive to be the part of the best dentistry has to offer our patients.

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