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Masters Periodontology, Residency, Saudi

A Periodontologist from Saudi Arabia, throughout the course of my training and professional experience, I have often been surprised at how many of the people in my country have less than even a basic grasp concerning the essentials of oral health care, even many of those who are quite wealthy; they …

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Prosthodontics Residency Kuwaiti Dentist

I hope to make my principal professional mark in the area of Prosthodontics after completing my advanced training in this area here in America, returning to my country of origin, Kuwait, to teach Prosthodontics. I hope very much to be accepted into your cutting-edge residency program in Prosthodonti…

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DDS International, Indian, Prosthodontics

A dentist trained in my native India, I now seeking advanced training in the USA. My inspiration for earning the DDS Degree in America was very much enhanced by the opportunity that I had to meet numerous, especially distinguished dentists from America. While a dental student in India, the American …

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Foreign-Trained Dentist, DDS/DMD, Filipino-American

Moving to the Philippines in order to qualify and then to practice was an ‘eye opening’ experience. Having been born and raised in the US to Filipino parents, I was unsure what to expect but was very surprised by the differences in attitudes to dentistry. For most people in the Philippines, a visit …

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DDS International, Pediatric Dentistry, Indian Woman

Children have always been the special light in my life, that which brings me the greatest joy. This is why, as a dentist, I hope to give my professional life to children, in particular, and to distinguish myself in the future in Pediatric Dentistry. Hand in hand with my love for children flows my gr…

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International Dentist, Maxillofacial Surgery, Algerian

When intelligent mind and innovative hands are combined they can lead to success and beauty. I experienced a glimpse of this ecstasy when I played my first rhythm on a flute as a child, but I only discovered its life changing power after I carved my first tooth in a wax block. I was only ten, and a …

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Advanced Placement International Dentist, Indian


A dentist from India, I have only recently moved to the USA, on April 4, 2015. I am currently studying towards my Master of Science in Healthcare Management at the University of Management Sciences in Anaheim, California and will be graduating in Month, Year. While I always want to practice de…

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International DDS, Digital Radiography, Indian

It was always my intention to work in the field of healthcare because of the opportunities this area of work offers to help others in a direct and basic way.  My initial intention was to pursue a career in medicine but an interest in dentistry developed when I witnessed, at close hand, the great…

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DDS International Dentist Program, Indian Dentist

XXXX University is my first choice among DDS Programs for International Dentists because of the sheer excellence of your program and the fact that your university has the most diverse student population in the entire country. A dentist from India, I thrive on diversity and have made it a central the…

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International Postgraduate Periodontics, Israeli

I have never shared the negative feelings that most people harbor about visiting a dentist even though it was necessary for me to receive quite a lot of radical treatment when young. One of the reasons that fascination overcame any feeling of alarm arose no doubt from my close relationship to the …

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DDS International Applicant from Ukraine

The intervention of skilled dentists has made a dramatic difference in my life and this is why I feel very strongly drawn to the profession. I want to acquire the skills and knowledge to be able to make a similar difference in others’ lives.  I suffered from Temporomandubular Disorder (TMJ), becau…

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CAAPID, Indian Applicant with MPH

Now 24 years old, I was born, raised, and became a practicing dentist in India. Soon, I will be finishing my MPH Degree here in America. Continuing my career with the DDS/DMD Degree will complete my professional education so as to prepare me to make my maximum contribution to dentistry here in Ame…

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DDS Russian, San Francisco, Perio, Implants

A dentist from Russia, I permanently immigrated to the USA after completing a full year of dental practice in my native Russia. While in dental school, I had the great privilege of serving in a surgical externship program at our University’s Hospital Medical Center branch (09/2011-09/2012). Since …

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Periodontics Residency , Saudi Arabian

I became a dentist because I wanted to ‘make a difference’ rather than merely to ‘make a living’ and I have not been disappointed in my choice. This application is made with the intention of extending my skills and knowledge to fulfill my own professional potential and in order to be able to offer…

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DDS International Advanced Standing, Turkish


I was determined to ‘make a difference’ rather than to merely ‘make a living’ with my life from early childhood.  I knew, without doubt, that I had found a wonderful means to fulfill my ambition when I assisted a dentist, during a summer vacation, as a volunteer student and witnessed so many…

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DDS, Pakistani Woman Dentist in New York

I grew up with a highly refined esthetic sense based in the manual arts and appreciation for beauty instilled in me by my parents. I also knew early on that I wanted to be a professional in the healing arts and work in the area of health. Dentistry has given me a platform to take advantage of my a…

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DDS International, Ukrainian Applicant

The best 11 years of my life so far were spent in my home country, Ukraine, serving as a dentist in a state-run polyclinic. Our partially state-funded clinics operated on a sliding scale basis so that almost everyone could afford to pay, far less than the cost of dental care in the private sector.…

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CAAPID, Experienced Dental Surgeon, India


A dentist trained in India, observing and volunteering in dental clinics here in the USA have been among my highest moments so far here in America, which I plan to make my permanent home or at least my base of operations. I have been visiting the United States for extended periods of time si…

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DDS, International Dentist, Indian Woman

I am a young woman and a dentist from India, ly 26 years old; I now live in the USA. I hope to be accepted to earn the DDS Degree at XXXX, in particular, because of my deep admiration for the research going on in your program dedicated to oral cancer and reducing the size of tumors. Since my own l…

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Advanced Study Prosthodontics, Kuwaiti

A dentist from Kuwait, I completed my studies in the UAE and I am now in Kuwait working as a general dentist in a government facility. While dental education is quite advanced these days in the UAE, even more so than my own country, I long for further education and specialization, especially in th…

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