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Endodontics Residency, Korean Musician

No one I know gets more job satisfaction than I do. I make an immediate and often dramatic difference in people’s lives and I love doing so. I delight in turning agonized groans into sighs of relief or in saving teeth and the smiles they create. All my work is useful and satisfying to a degree but…

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DDS Intl, Orthodontics, Brazil, Latin America


No one gets more job satisfaction than I do because I make an immediate and often dramatic difference in people’s lives. I genuinely delight in turning agonized groans into sighs of relief; saving teeth, for example, and the smile that results.  By being a member of a scientific group suppor…

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DDS International, Dentist from Brazil

Family has always been the most important factor in my life. I am pleased and proud of the fact that I was born into and raised by a family of professionals linked to healthcare. In fact, this aspect of my family is an integral part of our sense of identity. My father, my mother and my aunt are al…

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DDS International Advanced Standing, Indian Woman

My spirit of growth has always been the cornerstone of my development; as an Indian woman, a very hard working dentist, and someone who is making a success of the immigrant experience to America. My aptitude in the natural sciences coupled with a very high level of motivation resulted in being adm…

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CAAPID, Indian Applicant with MPH

Now 24 years old, I was born, raised, and became a practicing dentist in India. Soon, I will be finishing my MPH Degree here in America. Continuing my career with the DDS/DMD Degree will complete my professional education so as to prepare me to make my maximum contribution to dentistry here in Ame…

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Russian Dentistry Professor, DDS LOR

To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to write this letter recommending Dr. XXXX for admission to your distinguished DDS Program for international dentists. I own and operate my own dental clinic in Stavropol, Russia, employing several first rate dentists and I met Dr. XXXX when he came to my o…

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Periodontics Residency , Saudi Arabian

I became a dentist because I wanted to ‘make a difference’ rather than merely to ‘make a living’ and I have not been disappointed in my choice. This application is made with the intention of extending my skills and knowledge to fulfill my own professional potential and in order to be able to offer…

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