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Dental LOR, Department Chair, Indian Applicant


I am very pleased to write this letter recommending the application of Dr XXXX for admission to the Advanced Training Program in your prestigious institution. In the capacity of the college Dean and Head of the Department of OMFS (Oral Maxillofacial Surgery), I have interac…

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AEGD Residency, Indian Woman

I came to the USA 4 years ago from my native India, most determined to earn the DDS. My dream has been coming true and I will be graduating from the dental school that was my first choice next year, XXXX. Still only 27, I am full of energy and unbridled love for hard work in oral health. I feel li…

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Advanced Education Prosthodontics, Saudi Arabian

I am very respectful, gentle man, compassionate and warm, and I love to serve my fellowman. I focused early on the dream of becoming a dentist precisely because of the deep joy that I find in helping others. I came to America with the intention of advancing my studies and I hope to be accepted int…

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Residency Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Syrian

Born in Damascus and immigrating to the USA 15 years ago, I have successfully adapted my Middle Eastern identity to my new character as a professional that has fully Americanized. I have dental degrees not only from my native Syria (1996) but also my DMD from the University of Pittsburgh. As a resul…

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DDS Degree, Iraq's Olympic Swim Team

I came to America from my native Iraq three years ago. I distinguish myself through determination and dedication, which won me a spot on Iraq’s Olympic Swimming Team. I served with the US Army as a translator and cultural adviser. Working with United States Army enhanced my ability to work in a team…

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DDS, Dental Hygienist, Family Clinic, Dental Missions

Both my father and uncle are dentists. As a child, I would beg my father to let me accompany him to his practice; often, he would let me and I would follow him around, trying not to get in the way. I grew up in a dental world so it is not surprising that I became a dental hygienist and now have my h…

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DDS, Korean Immigrant, Volunteer, Intern

I am a Korean man, born and raised in Korea and spent some time in New Zealand before I moved to the US in 12th grade. I hold the B.S. degree in Biochemistry, magna cum laude, awarded this year by UXXX. I speak Korean and English and basic Japanese. My short term goals are to join the program, excel…

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