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OMS Oral and Maxillofacil Surgery Residency, Indian Applicant

An Indian-American who came to the USA at the age of 14, I am now a 4th year dental student at XXXX Medical College School of Dentistry. I seek further education in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS) because I feel strongly this is the area of dentistry which will allow me to make my fullest professional contribution, particularly to the underserved. A deeply spiritual man and a firm believer in Karma, I strive to practice dentistry as a yogi practices meditation giving my all but doing so effortlessly. Not motivated by material gain, I seek a life of service as its own reward. As suggested in one of the foremost works in our Indian, spiritual repository, the Bhagavad Gita: “…one should act as a matter of duty, for by working without attachment one attains the Supreme.” It is my dharma to give back to society and serving the underprivileged is not only my duty, but also my own personal nirvana, where I experience the greatest joy and fulfillment.

Growing up in a rural village in India shaped my perception of the world around me. The moments of greatest impact that I internalized from my childhood in India had to do with the deplorable condition of healthcare in my country. It is my hope that these moments continue to guide my vision to be a healthcare leader that is conscientious and effective in reducing disparities in access to oral health care. At XXXX School of Dentistry, I feel privileged to be educated by some well-rounded clinicians. These great mentors have each inspired me to be a diverse and a competitive clinician. I have maintained an excellent academic record, invested countless hours shadowing and assisting OMS residents in the operating room, completed numerous OMS externships, and provided care to the underserved through collaboration with various non-profit organizations, both domestically and internationally. My schedule is usually filled with volunteer work, research engagements and supporting my peers by tutoring Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Dental Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Physiology and Microbiology – as well as assisting with campus organizations. Assuming a leadership role in our local chapter of the American Dental Education Association, (ADEA), I have helped to institute several programs to aid our colleagues succeed both academically and clinically. “Learning through Technology,” for example, is a program I coordinate and lead, which involves the production, editing, and digital distribution of educational videos that display our professors demonstrating various clinical procedures for the students. I aspire to gain admission into the most diverse OMS program that can fully enhance my diagnostic skills, expand the breadth of treatments at which I have expertise, and subsequently allow me to develop a practice where I will be able to thoroughly incorporate my special focus on underprivileged residents in my community. As a passionate researcher, I seek a program that incorporates research collaborations with other specialties to provide the fines evidence-based care possible to patients.

As the first member of my family to attend graduate school, I appreciate the opportunities that I have been afforded and shall always strive to uphold the highest of ethical standards in my profession, and stay engaged in research and organized dentistry. My most cherished personal and professional goal is to provide oral health care for the underserved. Dedicated to academia, I envision culminating my professional career teaching OMS. My other long-term dream for this epoch still a long way down the road, is to become a founder of a non-profit OMS clinic. Based on my exceptionally positive attitude, excellent work ethic, diverse clinical experiences, and caring personality, I hope to distinguish myself in your program. Upon completion of your OMS program, I look forward to providing care as a matter of duty and working without attachment to attain what is for me Supreme - through dentistry. 

Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs Personal Statement for Admission to Dental School in Canada

Coming to Canada from my native Pakistan in 2012 to begin my education at McGill University, now that I am entering my final semester to earn my Biology degree I could not be more pleased to be working towards becoming a dentist in Quebec, since there is a shortage of dentists in our province. Serving the people of Quebec as a dentist—and especially the underserved members of our community—will provide me with the best of all opportunities to give something back to the people of Quebec, showing my appreciation for the fact that Canada has provided me with such a wonderful new home.

I was also enormously pleased to discover that one of my two native languages, Punjabi, is the third most frequently spoken native language in Quebec, after English and French. I am convinced that speaking all three of Quebec’s most frequently spoken languages, in addition to Urdu, will enable me to excel at treating the oral health needs of broad sectors of Quebec’s immigrant population, especially those who have the greatest need for oral health care and education.

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