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Dental LOR, Department Chair, Indian Applicant


I am very pleased to write this letter recommending the application of Dr XXXX for admission to the Advanced Training Program in your prestigious institution. In the capacity of the college Dean and Head of the Department of OMFS (Oral Maxillofacial Surgery), I have interac…

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DDS Indian Wife, Mother, Endodontics

An experienced and very hard working dentist from India, I came to America with my family and wish to continue my studies so as to enhance my professional capacity to serve the community. Most of all, I seek to contribute to improved access to oral health services for the underserved and I look fo…

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Periodontics Residency , Saudi Arabian

I became a dentist because I wanted to ‘make a difference’ rather than merely to ‘make a living’ and I have not been disappointed in my choice. This application is made with the intention of extending my skills and knowledge to fulfill my own professional potential and in order to be able to offer…

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DDS International Advanced Standing, Turkish


I was determined to ‘make a difference’ rather than to merely ‘make a living’ with my life from early childhood.  I knew, without doubt, that I had found a wonderful means to fulfill my ambition when I assisted a dentist, during a summer vacation, as a volunteer student and witnessed so many…

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DDS, Pakistani Woman Dentist in New York

I grew up with a highly refined esthetic sense based in the manual arts and appreciation for beauty instilled in me by my parents. I also knew early on that I wanted to be a professional in the healing arts and work in the area of health. Dentistry has given me a platform to take advantage of my a…

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Letter of Recommendation Dental Hygiene

To Whom It May Concern,                    

My name is XXXX D.D.S. and I am writing this on behalf of Kelly XXXX. I practice dentistry at my clinic, 6 to 9 Dental in Palo Alto, Ca. I also teach in the Dental School at the University of San Francisco. Miss XXXX serves as my Dent…

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LOR Sample, Orthodontics Professor

To Whom it May Concern,

I am proud to recommend Dr. XXXX as a candidate for admission to your distinguished DDS Program for International Dentists. My name is Dr. XXXX and I have been serving as the Head of the Departments of Orthodontics and Dento Facial Orthopedics at XXXX University for ap…

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DDS, Indian Applicant, New Zealand

Writing on behalf of my application to study towards the DDS Degree at an institution of higher learning in the USA, I hope to be accepted on the basis of my experience and passion for technological advancement as well as my devotion to the cause of providing oral health care to the underserved. T…

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DDS, Indian Woman Dentist, Mother

As a dentist from India I have long been immersed in the study of oral health care in my country, provoked by the sheer shock of learning, as a dental student, that my country has a high rate of oral cancer in the world. Especially since I have permanently settled in America and have also becom…

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DDS International, Egyptian Dentist


Probably the strongest aspect of my application to your competitive DDS Program for international dentists is my devotion to the underserved. As an Egyptian dentist who maintains ties to his country of origin and the Middle East in general, I feel deeply for the increasingly large numbers of…

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DDS Indian Woman Dentist in USA


A young woman and an experienced dentist trained in my country of origin, India, I feel strongly that I have a lot to give to the dental profession here in America since the USA is my new permanent home: with a lot of potential to excel, especially in the area of pediatric dentistry. I have …

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DDS International, Bilingual, Dominican Republic

A dentist from the Dominican Republic and a devoutly religious person in my interior, I honor God through the practice of my profession; thus, I seek to become the most effective and compassionate dentist possible with a philosophy based exclusively on patient need. The strongest part of my applic…

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DDS, Dental Pain, Indian Woman

At school as a child, our teacher read us a chapter entitled “the lost childhood” about a boy residing in a city attacked by military forces. His mother delivered a baby the same day. She was very pale and too weak to walk. So she could not leave the city and ordered the boy to escape with his lit…

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DDS International, Ukrainian Applicant

The best 11 years of my life so far were spent in my home country, Ukraine, serving as a dentist in a state-run polyclinic. Our partially state-funded clinics operated on a sliding scale basis so that almost everyone could afford to pay, far less than the cost of dental care in the private sector.…

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DDS International, Indian Woman Doctor

As a young woman and a dentist from India, now making my permanent home in America as a result of my marriage, I am pleased to have so much work ahead of me. My country, India, is projected to overtake China as the world’s most populous country within a few decades, and the paucity of dental care …

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DDS International, New Mother from India

Now 26 years old with a new baby boy, I am a dentist from India with 4 years of experience immersed in my calling as a dentist, 2 years full time experience in India after graduating from dental school and now 2 years of preparation to enter your Advanced Standing DDS Program for International Den…

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DDS International, Orthodontics Assistant, Armenian

Coming from a solid and well-educated middle-class family in Armenia where all members of my family had good jobs, I was discouraged by my family from pursuing a career in dentistry as it was seen as reaching too high, trying to be too noble, bringing unnecessary burdens upon myself and my family …

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CAAPID, Experienced Dental Surgeon, India


A dentist trained in India, observing and volunteering in dental clinics here in the USA have been among my highest moments so far here in America, which I plan to make my permanent home or at least my base of operations. I have been visiting the United States for extended periods of time si…

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DDS International Dentist from India, Canada

A dentist from India, still only 24, I got married and landed in Brampton, Ontario, my new permanent home in January of 2014 and began working as a volunteer almost as soon as I arrived. Since my arrival, I have been learning everything that I can about the practice of dentistry in Canada. This is…

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DDS, International Dentist, Indian Woman

I am a young woman and a dentist from India, ly 26 years old; I now live in the USA. I hope to be accepted to earn the DDS Degree at XXXX, in particular, because of my deep admiration for the research going on in your program dedicated to oral cancer and reducing the size of tumors. Since my own l…

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