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Orthodontics Residency, Masters, American

My initial interest in dentistry was stirred when I became aware of the work of ‘Operation Smile’, a team of oral surgeons who provide free cleft lip and palate surgeries for children all over the word. Seeing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images aroused an interest in Orthodontics at the very start of m…

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Residency Position in Orthodontics, Iraqi Woman


In addition to the fact that I will be graduating with honors next month, July, 2014, with my DMD Degree from XXXX University, I feel strongly that I am also a well-qualified candidate for advanced study and practice in the area of orthodontics because of the great obstacles that I have over…

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Orthodontics Residency Program, Thailand

I am a Thai woman, born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I hold the degree of Doctor of Dentistry awarded by XXXX University in 2010. I speak English, French and Mandarin Chinese.

 In much of Asia, including Thailand, dental health is generally neglected and basic education in dental care is ofte…

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Orthodontic Residency, Hispanic Applicant, Latina

I am a woman who adores the human smile, which I see as our window to the soul and our most effective form of communication. I am fully dedicated to life-long education in the search for ways that conventional methods and techniques of orthodontics and orthignathic surgery can be enhanced so as to…

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