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Blog posts : "Disadvantaged Status Essay"

Disadvantaged Status Essay for Dental School, Korean

My family faced a constant economic struggle as I was growing up, both before and after we immigrated to America from Korea. My father tried to help his sister’s husband build a business that went belly up, and we were constantly harassed by creditors while still in Korea, threatening to jail my fat…

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Disadvantaged Status Essay, South Korean Applicant

My father was an intelligent man who nevertheless made many bad decisions in life. Instead of keeping his job at a prestigious company in South Korea, he decided to invest everything we had in failing business ventures that left us with nothing but debt. My mother even got a divorce in an attempt t…

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Disadvantaged Status Essay, Yemen/California

I ask for consideration for disadvantaged status based on two primary factors. First, since I was raised approximately half of the time, from the age of birth to eighteen, in a small village in Yemen, English is, for me, a second language. Secondly, throughout my education in the USA, in 19 of the …

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Disadvantaged Status, Dental, Yemen/Michigan

From the time that I was 6 through 10, I lived in Yemen in an old house with no electricity. I read late into the night with an oil lamp. At least it was not as crowded as my home back in our Arab Ghetto of Dearborn, where 12 people were crammed into a three-bedroom house. The most challenging part …

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Disadvantaged Status Essay, Dental, Africa

Leaving Tanzania with my parents and sister was meant to better our lives. My father, a professional accountant, and my wonderful mom, with a pocketful of hopes and dreams, came to Canada to begin a new life. I was a teen, felt ready for anything, and confident in my family.

I remember when it firs…

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