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DDS International Dentist from India, Canada

A dentist from India, still only 24, I got married and landed in Brampton, Ontario, my new permanent home, in January of 2014 and began working as a volunteer almost as soon as I arrived. Since my arrival, I have been learning everything that I can about the practice of dentistry in Canada. This is because dentistry is where my heart is, and I considerably long to resume my career here in Canada. I am currently working as a volunteer at XXXX Hospital in the CT department and also volunteer in a dental clinic working alongside Dr. XXXX.

I have learned many of the most valuable things in life, personally and professionally, through my volunteer work here in Canada, just as I did back in India. In addition to the internship that I completed in India, I worked as a volunteer most evenings.

The last 14 months that I have spent many hours working alongside Dr. XXXX at XXXX at has helped me to become familiar with a vast array of clinical procedures as they are practiced here in Canada. Assisting Dr. XXXX with anything and everything that he has asked me to do is probably the single most joyful experience that I have had so far, since my connection to dentistry and continuing my career is the goal that stands at the center of my world. Each task that I have performed for Dr. XXXX has been executed and completed with precision detail joyfully, everything from disposing of medical waste to taking X-rays and helping to diagnose cases, from sitting at the front desk and managing the insurance companies to mopping the floor.

One of the accomplishments of which I am most fond of was earning a spot among the top 10 scorers on state-wide examinations in the area of biology; a project that I wrote on the subject of Epilepsy received honors as well among many academic awards that accompanied my academic performance very close to the top throughout my education. I think this sheer drive for excellence resulted primarily from my childhood of dreams of becoming a physician, and then, later on, a dentist.

I finished dental school in India only six months before moving to Canada, so the only professional experience that I was able to complete in India was my six-month internship. It broke my heart when patients told me that they very much wanted the treatment but that they were unable to pay even the modest cost of the services that we were providing. I gave some of our poorest patients my personal telephone number to see if we could work something out and ended up paying for three older adults to get dentures. My heart is in dentistry in the total sense and I feel a special calling deep within me for helping older patients in particular, and I see this drive as a source of professional honor and pride.

Since moving to Canada, I have completed first aid and CPR certification courses. I also hope to complete a certificate course in Healing Arts Radiation Protection at XXXX Dental College in Toronto. In addition, I have applied to, and I am waiting to hear from, two dental conferences taking place in Toronto.

Alongside becoming the finest dentist possible, after earning the DDS and gaining further professional experience, at some point, I hope to return to the academic world for additional advanced training in oral surgery. I see surgery as the queen of dental sciences and, along with public oral health education and preventive treatments, to be the most urgent areas of our field. I see this as especially true concerning the underserved. In addition to helping my husband to support our family, I hope to spend the balance of my life doing everything that I am personally able to do to help the underserved by providing them with access to care through the provision of free dental camps.

I read everything that I can find about the development of free dental camps, and the different challenges that are faced not only in India but throughout the Developing World and here in the West as well. I hope to have the most full possible participation in this area as a graduate from your program and I thank you for considering my application.

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