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DDS Peridontology, Saudi Arabia

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, since I was always a diligent student, I was able to graduate with a BDS Degree in Dentistry. It is now my dream to complete dental school in the United States in a highly esteemed program such as yours so that I will learn the world-class, cutting-edge techniques of Dental Science.

After graduating with the DDS Degree, I look forward to continuing to study towards the specialty of Periodontology because we have very few perinatologists in Saudi Arabia. In this way, I can be optimally prepared to make the entire contribution possible to developing better Oral Health care systems in Saudi Arabia upon my return. This will provide me with the opportunity to alleviate the oral health problems of many of my fellow citizens who are very much in need of peridontological services but do not have access to a practitioner in the area.

My long-term professional goal is also to secure a permanent position as an Assistant Professor and Consultant in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry at the University of XXXX College of Dentistry (my Alma Matar). Ever since I graduated from this institution, I have remained involved in its progress and educational initiatives to share the positive aspects of its programs for our community.

Those hundreds of patients that I attended to as a dental student at XXXX have left an indelible impression on my mind, and their concerns will always be with me: "Oh my god, my dentures came out of my mouth in the middle of a conversation," one would say. "I cannot chew well," another would declare. "My wife told me that she smelled a bad odor coming from my mouth," was another common complaint. Yet, it was long before this, while still a child, that I developed a keen ear for the language of health care from my aunts, both nurses in a nearby hospital. They used to tell me about patients' needs, and ever since that early age, I have been attracted to the medical field. This is why I worked especially hard in high school to earn a GPA that would be high enough to secure acceptance to XXXX University College of Dentistry.

Throughout my undergraduate study at XXXX, I treated lots of patients suffering from Edentulism who were seeking solutions other than complete dentures. I listened very attentively to their painful stories about their inability to bite into an apple, eat corn off the cob, or the challenge of eating sticky or crunchy food. They were desperately seeking a solution to their dental problems. Once I told them that they could be candidates for dental implants, I saw their faces light up with happiness and hope. Thus, it was during this period of my studies that I decided to pursue my postgraduate studies in Periodontology. Since then, I have done an extensive search of American dental schools that can provide me with the intensive didactic and clinical experience that I seek.

While completing my internship, I had the privilege of attending many conferences in the field of Periodontology and assisting with various surgical procedures in hospitals for full mouth rehabilitation. Many involved the placements of implants. I keenly look forward to a lifetime of ongoing career development in the area of Periodontology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East, providing special annual dental programs to our Eastern Province that is in particular need of more significant public health education efforts in the area of oral health and hygiene. In fact, I hope to someday establish a dental research center in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, where we will be able to make great strides in the implementation of technologically advanced methods of treatment using Periodontical surgical procedures, to treat our patients with the least invasive approaches possible.

I hope to attend your program at the University of XXXX Dental School because I see it as the optimal platform for launching my post-graduate training and education in Periodontology. I hope to learn significantly from your state-of-the-art facilities and renowned faculty. Your many board-certified faculty members are uniquely qualified for helping to prepare me for the American Board Certification in Periodontology. I very much look forward to broad, extensive contact with practicing periodontists and exposure to a wide variety of clinical techniques by a group of highly qualified faculty with diverse areas of special training and varied backgrounds. I plan to give my all to your program to as to enhance my research and teaching skills to the fullest extent possible. 

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